Some help needed, Steneotarsonemus Spinki?


A question from a fellow grower:

A question from a fellow grower:

I’ve been growing outdoors for 20years now & have seen my share of pests but now it seems a new pest? has manifested. I have spent days on the web for an answer and have had very little luck identifying a name/solution for this problem. Last year I had two plants that had this upward leaf curl and silvering of the vegetative matter. Since I had never encountered this before and that fact that only two of my 14 plants were affected I dismissed it.

This year the problem has exploded in my garden, even the 12 footers are being affected and it is very evident even on the flowers, they are being decimated. I am sending pics to show just how unusual this problem is. The closest thing on internet sites all say heat stress, but I say bullshit. When only portions of healthy plants, and healthy plants next to very sick ones, heat stress is NOT the problem. I looked at the tips of leaves that have a rust color fuzz with a scope and I saw movement. Are these some sort of micro mite? HELP.

update: This morning I used a 100X scope to view these critters and sure enough they are alive and I was able to see individuals. They are shaped like a carrot, white, with legs at the thick end, and are very fast for their size. I watch one running along looking for a crevice or stomata to hide in. Also after checking more horticulture web-sites I came across an image of Steneotarsonemus Spinki that most closely matched what is infesting my garden. These a very very small, and S. Spinki is usually, if not exclusively, on rice hulls so for them to be on my cannabis is strange. If it is them.
Your input here would be greatly appreciated.


Maybe they are broad mites?

Or you said they look red?

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Try this on them critters. This should do the trick. And remember , get the one used for food additives not for swimming pools

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