Some help and advice

From a fellow grower:

these seedlings are only 3 inches high after 12 days. any advice? I’m using 5 LED 36 watt. 1860 lumens per light. 3 plants per light.

Got alittle funky with 3. One of each strain show alittle stress, but nothing crazy and by no means to freak, but abit of up curl on one leaf and a tiny hole in one leaf? Your gold had a leaf with a slight twist, but I think they slowed because of the transplant. New grower, so alittle anxiety;)

light could probly be closer and more of it as well :wink:

Agree with Donaldj - light can be 2 inches above plant - moving light will prevent them to “:streach” for the light back 3 need a light also . have formula for lumens need for grow space need your L and W - - More light = Bigger Buds/Plants

Donald and Steven- I sent you a reply and poof gone! It’s now in Merry Christmas blog on Roberts site.;( long day obviously. Please read and let me know what you think. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

It’s not gone, you posted it in the lounge, I think I can move it here for you…

I have a lot of respect for you guys. I’ve been reading everyone’s posts for about a month before I started. I didn’t want to ask any questions in fear that people would think I’m lazy and asking for advice. (So far from the truth). I just want them to grow to there fullest extent. I read all your posts and enjoy it. It’s just that Robert Emailed me the day I was having problems. Sometimes the answer is easy for some and for me maybe it’s just my way of translating the language and what things mean. Well, I could not pass up alittle brain squeeze.;). I had the lights down 2.5 inches down from the start. After I had saw the problems I’ve stated. I shot the light by itself with my temperature gun it was 126 degrees. I could not believe it. One leaf has a pin hole in it and the other two had a slight leaf curl like it got abit dry. That’s when I raised them to there current height you see in the picture.

  1. Feitz 36 watt Led
  2. 24 inches long.
  3. 4 lights in a 2x3 area
  4. 1870 lumens Ea.

The second issue is there height and 12 days after sprout that they would be bigger. I started the germination out in little planting sponge pods. Seeds sprouted. All 15;). Growing nicely and rapid to this point. Cleaning germination rack and had one nice root coming from the bottom. 2 days later I go to clean out the box again and roots were just everywhere and were bright white and healthy looking. (Almost Transparent) I sent my picture of the roots to a local who’s pretty good at growing his own, so I asked him what he thought. He said time to go to a bigger container. (1Gallon) I read every post on moving them in to safer and bigger housing arrangements;) Everything went very well and it just seems they slowed down on me. I think there’s just a lot if not more right now going on below than up top.
Probably just paranoid. (Rookie)

  1. No nutrients other than soil
  2. New containers are slotted for run off
  3. No over watering
  4. Ph levels good.
  5. Co2 levels good

3rd issue-I just can’t seem to get a concrete answer on lighting schedules for plants this size 24/0 20/4 18/6. This is just myself not knowing the language. I have been 24/0 and I know they say vegetative state, but there not there yet. I know these are mondane and very a matter a fact for most, but like I said earlier. I wan them to be there best!

So thanks for any information. Any and all info from you guys would be very cool! Merry Christmas to the staff and bloggers!

24/0 is the way to go for most until you want to flower an veg begins when they come out of the dirt an ends when you feel you are ready to flower

An anytime you transplant it slows growth that’s why some of us start in the same container we are going to end in

It is quite possible the soil you transplanted into is a little hot or high in nutrients I usually will not plant a seedling into soil until it has visible roots protruding from pellet I start it in by then it usually is on second set of true leaves. The soil I start in is flushed and ph’d with just a drop of LK or floralicious in a liter water I move them to solo cups and lightly water with this super light mix. I find in the cups they dry out faster and is easier to prevent over watering I let them dry almost completely between waters 2-3 days the roots work to the bottom fast looking for food and water. I leave them in the cups until around 5 nodes then top or transplant depending on size of plant at that point. They get their first couple light feeds in cup since far easier to flush if they show stress then I let them dry out before transplanting to end containers. I either lightly dust roots with myko or water with LK during transplant, I hold off feeding until plant shows signs of recovery new growth 3-5 days depending myko rocks :slight_smile: