Some flowering pics


Outdoor growing in 5 gal bucket. Been flowering about 3 weeks now…



@Wishbone, they look strong! @rjw71 gave me the best advice ever on my grow. Here is a link to mine @ 6 weeks flower Water Water everywhere how are we doing? . It should give you a good comparison to someone else in 5 gal buckets outdoors.


looking good man, very nice work.


The sister to my plant, she’s looking so much closer to harvest. Anyone know why she’s so far ahead of my plant?


I think it’s a couple things, but mainly just genetics.

I put 4 plants outside. There’s 2 that are beginning to flower. 1 who just showed its first hairs, and the last 1 is still small and not showing any signs of flower. Luck of the draw I guess. :v:


I’m just jealous I guess! LOL He started these plants at the same time and gave the one to me when they were about a foot high and now his is smelling soooo good and way ahead of mine :cry: I think mine though is a little bit bigger and even though the seeds came out of the same sack of weed I think his is an Idica and mine is a Sativa if I understand the discriptions right. His has smaller leaves and mine has big fan leaves almost size of my hand. I think mine is getting ready to really blow up! Don’t know what their called but the little bulb things that look like their gonna pop open and flower with hairs on them are really starting to show all over last few days! Can’t wait till it’s finished I think my wife is jealous I’m spending more time looking at “Mary” then I am her LOL


Thank you bmorgil, nice compliment. :slight_smile: