Some feedback on autoflower blueberry - and a seed question

I started this autoflower blueberry indoors in mid April and moved it outside (Northeast Mass) around June 1. The plant seems happy and is getting about 8 hours of full sunlight a day and partial the rest of the time. I’m new to growing so any feedback from experienced eyes is appreciated.

Also a question about seeds. I see plenty forming on the plant but I’m wondering when is the time to gather those? I read through the ‘How to Grow and Grow Guide’ which talked about seeds but not about the process for collecting them. I’d like to get some for a more organized effort next year.

Thanks in advance.


Your auto has seeds forming? Can you take a pic?

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It looks like a female, if theres not a male plant around you wont get seeds

It is looking good Greg and starting flowering right on time. This is a female plant and looks like she will finish around the first half of Aug.

So the seed questions. If you do not have a male plant to cover her with pollen she will not have seeds to harvest. She will have the seed pods with the hairs sticking out as you see now, but they will not develop seeds inside.

Without a male to breed her the only other two ways to get seeds are if she is a Hermite, which means she has male and female parts and breeds herself. This can occur naturally, but its not good because the seeds will also be prone to being Hermites. This causes seeds and a reduction in levels of potency.

However, if you know what you are doing you can force a female to Hermite and breed herself and she will produce feminized seeds. But, unless you doing this large scale breed is something I would recommend for advanced growers.

ah, now that makes sense - thanks very much. I only had two seeds to try this year (deer wiped out my plants last year) and only one sprouted so this is what I’ve got.

So are the seeds purchased through ILGM typically a mix of males and females? I went back to the shop page to look but didn’t see any reference. If they are then next year I’ll take a shot at a pair to breed.

Drinkslinger - here’s a closeup of one of the pods for you:

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Yup that is a female seed sac, those white hairs pop out and wait for the male pollen to hit them, then they start the process of developing a seed inside of it. When the seed matures the seed sac will start to die around the seed inside of it. When the sac is dry and brittle the seed is loose and can be removed or naturally it will fall to the soil and wait for the right conditions to sprout and start the process again.

Usually when you buy seeds from a breeder or seed bank they will state on the order or packaging if they are Feminized or (FEM) for short. This means they were made using the forced Hermie method making a female breed herself. If the breeder is knowledgeable, working with stable genetics, and has a good rep for quality seeds.

Then the likeliness that the seeds will not have Hermie offspring and only have females is high. Breeding for seed can be done by anyone that sprouts a male and a female plant and has them in the same area for their life cycle. However, I would highly recommend having several successful grows under your belt before trying your hand in it, because you need to learn what to look for in breeding pairs to achieve the goals you are reaching for.

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Thank you for another thoughtful reply. I’ve learned a lot today.

I disagree it is just a calyxy it looks good lil white hairs will start shooting out of em
Highly unlikely that it is seeding
To get them to seed the stress would need to be very high and she doesn’t look stressed at all

Try reading slowly… calyxy is a female seed sac… where the seed grows when the male pollen leaves the male pollen sac and floats to the female pistils… you do not disagree you just read too fast.