Some buds are ready

I have some plants that went into regen due to a cold snap. The plants were flowering and I had to put them inside for a couple of weeks. Anyhow, the buds that were early look to be almost ready, but the majority of the buds are still young and not even close. Can you harvest the ready ones and not screw up the plant? The plants are Green Goo and are about 4.5 months old.

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You can harvest the same plant at different times.

So the newer buds will not be affected? Because I have been feeding them nutrients, should I flush out the nutrients prior to harvesting some of the ripe buds?

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Won’t effect them…they will keep packing on buds. Flushing is up to you. Most growers flush to remove chemical and salt build ups, which can effect taste and smell.

I won’t flush, I’ll just give her straight pH water the last 2 weeks before harvest.

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Thanks Zee! Good to know. I’m a 1st time grower so its all a learning experience at this point.

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Green Goo

She just started flowering last week.

Here’s the one who started early. White snow hybrid.

AK 47 auto from ILGM 5 weeks old.

We’re at 5000ft elev and it’s been in the 90’s. They’re loving it.