Some advice to get my plants going


A question from a fellow grower:

I’m literally a first time grower and have been using your grow guide, or one of them, it was some sort of download. What exactly can I do? I like to be interactive but I have a lack of patience. They seem to be doing great, but I wanna speed up the process of growing and see them grow faster. This is where they are at now. Some are just growing out their second set of leaves and two are now vegetating. I am an interactive gardener and I love growing plants no matter the kind. All I need is some advice to really get them going. If you need certain info to give sound advice that I haven’t given, let me know. I persay don’t know their age, since I’m going to be growing them to a small size since its in a completely white closet.

Strain; NA
Soil in pots, Hydroponic, or Coco? Started with seed starting miracle gro and transplanted into regular and seed starting mixed.
Light system, size? T5 6500K
Temps; 75~77°F
Ventilation system; Yes,


and this is how they look now:


Looking good, not too tall, not too thin…

Do you have an idea of nutrient line? There are lots, they all have users that swear by them.
There are basic sets, usually a Grow, Flower, and Micronutrient combo…go to manufacturer’s web sites for basic info. General Hydroponics, Fox Farm, Advanced Nutrients…many more.

You’ll need a pH meter/pen…if you have a problem growing, most times it will be pH related…you will need that number.

" but I have a lack of patience. " lol…sorry for that…I shouldn’t have laffed…wrong hobby maybe.
Every aspect of this is wait…you can’t even hurry up, it is just wait…and watch


Yea i hate waiting lol. I’m getting better though. My plants are helping me build patience . :grinning::grinning::seedling::herb::evergreen_tree:
Those little guys look great.


Thank-you for all the advice. Yes These are my plants. I’m glad that my plants are looking great. Thank you for the help. The PH I haven’t really measured so I will go get a meter and figure it out. If it helps to find out certain info. I use miracle gro seed starting soil for the beginning. Under my biodegradable cups I have moisture control miracle gro for when it starts getting well under way into vegetation.


May try ff soil and getting them more light. I’ve had nothing but bad luck w miracle grow. That’s just my opinion, just throwing it out there. Every grow is different. Also they like a little breeze if possible.


Also added:

So I noticed that this little guy had 3 starter leaves rather than the normal 2. Is this anything unusual, or something exciting and rare? That’d be cool, but I highly doubt that’s the case. It’s growing great but I just wondered what 3 starters might mean.


It’s okay to laugh, I wrote like that on purpose, having fun with it. Cuz this whole project is fun, but plant grow(in general) I wish was more involved during the vegetative state…


there is more to do as they age, just remember watching them sprout how boring that was, looking at dirt?..we all agree 100%, if it would/could only go faster…so many varieties to grow and try…so little time…but I am up for the effort!!

to good times and success!!