Some advice please

A question from a fellow grower;

Nice to meet you. I am growing indoors in Israel and this week my 4
week old plants began turning yellow and brown and curling. I need to
know what deficiencies are occurring so I can help. Here are some pics
which you can see the top leaves only on several plants.


The customer also added: and could you tell me why my clones that have been in rockwool for almost 2 weeks have very little root growth?

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We would really need you to fill out this support ticket, and give a few details about your cloning techniques in order to make an informed decision. :smile:


I need some advice. I am setting up a 2" x 4" x 6" grow tent in a 10’ x 12 ’ room with the a/c set at 75 degrees I have a humidifier and a dehumidifier, Ink-bird controller controlling both RH humidity set at 78 degrees. A 4" inline exhaust for now , I’m waiting .on a 4" exhaust fan with scrubber and fan speed controller… Heater w/ thermostat control. the tent right now is steady 26.6 C , The humidifier keeps the tent between 75 & 78 % RH. The sensor for the humidity controller is on top of a 10 x 20 seedling tray w/ hum…dome sitting on a 5 gal. bucket for now. Here is where I need your advice, I have 3 thermostats that display RH,
I am using the Ink-bird controller to judge the humidity level in the tent because I think it would be the most accurate, the other 2 thermostats are giving me 2 different humidity levels than the Ink-bird, the Accurite Thermostat gives me the correct temp. but the humidity level is 10 to 15 % lower than the ink-bird, another temp & humidity thermostat with the sensor at the same level as the Accurite, gives me the correct temp. but the humidity level is 10% higher than the Ink-bird
What should I do ? Help me please !! The last time I purchased seeds from ILGM I got 95% successful germination (tyvm for that) but that is as far as I got because I couldn’t get the humidity above 45%
So I am done wasting seeds and I’m not going to put anything in the tent until I find out what I should do. Should I just use the Ink-bird for checking the humidity level in the tent and trash the other 2 or what ? Thank you very much for your time.


Question on when buds are ready . I’m color blind and to me the buds look orange, brown , but the lower buds are this color but the tops are not . should I wait till the top buds are of the same color before harvesting?

That must really suck being color blind especially when you need to judge something on color to determine something such as when to harvest your plants. Let me see if I understand you correctly, your lower branches are lighter than your top ones ? If you can’t judge by the darken of the pistils, when the resin glands are sticky and transparent it is time to harvest. If the resin glands become more amber-hued than transparent, HARVEST QUCKLY !! .

Generally the bottoms are ready to process, but I notice that the buds on top are not quite ready. They are still white . that is why I was wondering if I should wait a little longer for the tops to start turning
I generally take an eye lobe magnifying glass to determine when they are ready that has been pretty productive for me any other ideas sure would be helpful and thank you for your quick reply

Yes I would wait but the best and most accurate way to judge if your plants are ready for harvest is, take your eye lobe magnifying glass and exam the trichomes of your buds, when they go from clear to mostly cloudy, this is the point where you plants will have the highest levels of THC, this is the time to harvest . If you let it go to long and the trichomes turn a amber-hue it will lower the quality of your product. I hope this has been helpful to you, have a nice crop

Question about white mold. This is a miner situation that I have, but my
question is , I do all the flowering and my friend does the vegging
After a few weeks I notice that the plants I have gotten from him have
started to get a little white mold on the leaves . Does the mold start at
the vegging stages ? The 3 hardy plants that we do are d_dog, jack herh,
and kc_Jones. These 3 do NOT carry the white mold. But the Apollo, deft
star, and gorilla DO, which has a tendency to carry over to the others. So
my question is , does the mold process start at the vegging?
Any help would be helpful

What you have my friend is called Powdery Mildew. It can happen at any stage of grow and is HIGHLY contagious
It can happen when there is high humidity in your growing area, poor ventilation in your growing area, over crowding your plants in your growing area, Once the fungus has taken hold of a bud it can not be taken away. If the fungus continues it will eventually kill your plant. One remedy is mix 2 tsp. Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with one quart of water and mist your plants to kill the fungus and keep any more from showing up. Another way is to mix 1/2 tsp. baking soda and one quart water and do the same thing. Hope this is helpful to you


How often would you mist your plants , maybe twice a week ?just wondering

I mist mine twice a day with plain RO water at ph 5.8 or are you talking about treating the fungus ? if you are talking about the fungus, I would recommend a mixture of 40% milk and 60% water, spray your plants once the light comes on every ten days

When using the Apple cider vinegar solution for the power dry mildew, would you must them when the lights are off or when the lights are on, or does it really matter?
Thanks for your help

I have started 2 white widow seeds in solo cups under a 300w led. in a 24×48×60 tent. the seeds are sprouts now and the led is about 7 or 8 inches from the seedlings. temp is at 77f. on a 18, 6 light schedule. am I on the right path?


Yes but keep your eye on your leaves and move your lights higher as they grow also keep on top of your ph and tds always check what you put in and always test your run off to see nothing happens.

I would like some advise please.
I have a DWC I have one plant and it is Purple Kush Fem auto Seed and it is about 2 months old . I am using Technaflora Plant Products . I do not have a tent and its is in my garden tub in our master bathroom, and I have LED lights along with two 65W bulbs.and natural light from our tubs window. I think it is doing well , but my Son thinks it should be bigger or fuller. the temp of the rooms is between 73 to 78 degree and i have it on 18 hours light cycle right now the Hunidity is 86% at times and then 75% others. I am flushing the plant for the next two days .
I feed it once a feed and it is in a 5 gallon bucket.
the high from the plant is 44" today. here are 3 pic’s .
thank you for all of your help and advise,

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We would really need you to fill out this support ticket, and give a few details about your cloning techniques in order to make an informed decision. :smile:


Sorry we missed your comment/question. You would be better off for finding answers if you started your own topic. Somehow this question got lost in the shuffle.

p.s. I did not answer you due to the age of the post. :slight_smile:

Where is your guitars?

OK Slowhand,

PLants are just fine. For an auto to grow 44" inside is fine.

Biggest issue I can tell might be inadequate lighting or my guess is that the light are too far away.

The RH is horribly high will keep buds from becoming dense. You can get nice airy buds with trichomes but, at 80% humidity during flower, you will not get dense tight nugs.

Not sure why you are flushing. Nutrient line is OK.

Making sure the lights are close enough is the first thing I would adjust, and then I would invest in a portable dehumidifier. You can drain the dehumidifier right into the tub. Make sure to get a unit that has a drain, and place it on a small pedestal the height of the edge of tub and run drain line into tub.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

Hi Latewood,

LOL… I only wish I could play anything on a guitar.

Thanks a lot for the advise. I just purchased a new light LED 7 Band 2.1 270W Grow Light.
How close should the light be ? also it has started budding and I have changed the Nutrients to the flowering stage, I was also told to run the lights 24hrs. a day since it is budding instead of 12 on 12 off what is correct or what do you suggest ?
The reason I flushed it last week is because I read it somewhere or I hell I might have been stoned and dreamed it… lol… but its looking pretty good.

Thanks a lot of all of your advise and help,

i have a few grow under belt with the advice you gave what seems long ago…lol