Some advice please

How often would you mist your plants , maybe twice a week ?just wondering

I mist mine twice a day with plain RO water at ph 5.8 or are you talking about treating the fungus ? if you are talking about the fungus, I would recommend a mixture of 40% milk and 60% water, spray your plants once the light comes on every ten days

When using the Apple cider vinegar solution for the power dry mildew, would you must them when the lights are off or when the lights are on, or does it really matter?
Thanks for your help

I have started 2 white widow seeds in solo cups under a 300w led. in a 24×48×60 tent. the seeds are sprouts now and the led is about 7 or 8 inches from the seedlings. temp is at 77f. on a 18, 6 light schedule. am I on the right path?


Yes but keep your eye on your leaves and move your lights higher as they grow also keep on top of your ph and tds always check what you put in and always test your run off to see nothing happens.

I would like some advise please.
I have a DWC I have one plant and it is Purple Kush Fem auto Seed and it is about 2 months old . I am using Technaflora Plant Products . I do not have a tent and its is in my garden tub in our master bathroom, and I have LED lights along with two 65W bulbs.and natural light from our tubs window. I think it is doing well , but my Son thinks it should be bigger or fuller. the temp of the rooms is between 73 to 78 degree and i have it on 18 hours light cycle right now the Hunidity is 86% at times and then 75% others. I am flushing the plant for the next two days .
I feed it once a feed and it is in a 5 gallon bucket.
the high from the plant is 44" today. here are 3 pic’s .
thank you for all of your help and advise,

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We would really need you to fill out this support ticket, and give a few details about your cloning techniques in order to make an informed decision. :smile:


Sorry we missed your comment/question. You would be better off for finding answers if you started your own topic. Somehow this question got lost in the shuffle.

p.s. I did not answer you due to the age of the post. :slight_smile:

Where is your guitars?

OK Slowhand,

PLants are just fine. For an auto to grow 44" inside is fine.

Biggest issue I can tell might be inadequate lighting or my guess is that the light are too far away.

The RH is horribly high will keep buds from becoming dense. You can get nice airy buds with trichomes but, at 80% humidity during flower, you will not get dense tight nugs.

Not sure why you are flushing. Nutrient line is OK.

Making sure the lights are close enough is the first thing I would adjust, and then I would invest in a portable dehumidifier. You can drain the dehumidifier right into the tub. Make sure to get a unit that has a drain, and place it on a small pedestal the height of the edge of tub and run drain line into tub.

Happy growing :slight_smile:

Hi Latewood,

LOL… I only wish I could play anything on a guitar.

Thanks a lot for the advise. I just purchased a new light LED 7 Band 2.1 270W Grow Light.
How close should the light be ? also it has started budding and I have changed the Nutrients to the flowering stage, I was also told to run the lights 24hrs. a day since it is budding instead of 12 on 12 off what is correct or what do you suggest ?
The reason I flushed it last week is because I read it somewhere or I hell I might have been stoned and dreamed it… lol… but its looking pretty good.

Thanks a lot of all of your advise and help,

i have a few grow under belt with the advice you gave what seems long ago…lol

Hi ,
Just joined site, not great at computer stuff so hope on write page, want to grow in green house in Wales England so hot summer wet cold winter, don’t want to use fancy stuff, plenty south sun and ventilation no idea on humidity etc just not sure best seed to use, happy to propagate, I have MS and wondered best strain for medical use believe its the cbd’s that help but want to enjoy as well if possible, thanks for any advice much appreciated.

Golden leaf ,iglm.seed feminized. 3 round hole 16 inches deep,ocean forest in the bottom 8 inches,happy feel the whole completely ,3 others are thriving in the same thing…but heres a picture of her…

heres one of the other 3>>>>

COPY/PASTE: This “Support Ticket” into your forum post. Answer these simple questions the best you can. If you do not know, or do not use something; Just say so = NA Strain; 2 9lb hammer 1 zkittles 1 white Banner

Type, Soil in pots and cloth bags
System type? Indoor tent 4×4 Vivosun propagate and flower tent

PH of runoff or solution in reservoir? What is strength of nutrient mix? EC, or TDS Indoor or Outdoor Light system, size? 2 LED lights 1600 combined i vent kit, 2 fans one to pull in cool air from outside tent one to give plants a breeze and keeps mites out

emps; Day, 22-26 Night 24-22 Humidity; 50%
Day, Night Ventilation system; Yes Vivosun vent kit
No dehumidifiers as of yet but we are approaching end of grow cycle for 9lbs but have been stunted by mite infestation.
First time grower for medicinal purposes disabled due to spinal injury looking to cut costs on what helps me move around. Canadian so everything is metrical measured.
Any and all advice is welcome ive been around small grows indoor and out and have picked up boys a pieces of what works but totally didn’t know what I was getting into. I’ve been told I have a great set up now its just tweeking it to maximize my medicinal yields.

Brand new to site and the forum way of things needed a constant resource for help as not everyone can be reached when needed for advice

Hello, i would need some advice please. I am a first time grower. I am growing outdoors a cbd strain 20:1 and 2 ak-47 both feminized. The plants are huge and doing well other than a few yellowing fan leaves, think i might need some cal mag maybe. They are growing in fabic pots elavated off the ground. I’m using pro-mix soil and 1/3 sheep,cow,chicken,hydoponic soil,a bit of bat gummo,some other soil that had worm castings and a little extra perlite and a little peat moss. Imake sure not to over water. I use general hydoponics at 30% less than they recommend with a spoon of molasses at a ph of 6 and the ppm’s have ranged between 850-990 every other watering( more or less 7 days). Make sure my water has no colrine by adding a 1/4 tespoon of vitamin C. Since the plants are so big i built a green house until they finish. My cdb is in it’s 5 th week and ak-47 it’s 4th week of flowering. So all this being said this morning i saw this, please tell me they are not hermie’s or males. Just really confused and depressed lol, would love your input please

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I gotcha …let’s have a read…

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What is it you want me to read…

I meantI was gonna read yourdilemma…lol

All good thank you for taking a moment, I really appreciate it.
With my spinal cord injury my script allows me 6 grams a day and my disability will cover my pill prescriptions but refuse to cover what was around 140 dollars a day by the LP price lists.

Grand daddy purp feminized

My plants are doing very well, nearly 7ft tall x 6ft wide. They are in the early stages of flowering with 2-3 white pistols at the bud sites, they are stretching up and out a lot. Is it OK to remove the smaller inner stems and or leaves that don’t get much light? If so how much is recommended to remove as I don’t want to shock the plants this late.

Somehow, I just got the notice for this post. Are you still around? How is your grow going?