Some Advice Please 😳

Strain= ILGM White Widow Fem
Soil in Pots= Canna Terra
System type= ?
PH runoff or solution in res. N/A
Indoor= 4’x4’ tent
Light System= Viparspectra 600 watt full spectrum dimmable
Temps= Day 75F. Night 58F
Humidity= Day 65 to 70%. Night 35 to 40%
Air flow= 400cfm exhaust 6". Carbon filter. 2x7" fans. Passive air intake through
AC, Humidifier, Dehumidifier = Humidifier in room not tent
Co2= No

Have only just noticed this light discolouration on the new growth. Only on 1 leaf.
Rest of plant seems very healthy. Any ideas

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Light? It looks like one has more light than the other. Just a guess. Do you rotate your plants?

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Probably not as much as I should. Have 4 more ladies in the tent and they are fine. They have only had 1 feed of nuts. PPM 580, EC 1.08, PH 6.4

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Looks fine to me. Light color usually means needs nutes but looks fine

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It’s normal for new growth to be light in color they will darken in a day or two once out in the air
I don’t see a real issue :+1: @chewie57

6 Likes Thanks. Will keep a good eye on them. Growing so quick. Might have to consider doing some LST so I can do a scrog. In 2minds really. Could just do some more topping and let them go au natural. Do a scrog next grow.

That doesn’t seem like enough light for a 4x4 grow space, but they seem to be doing alright. But you will need more for sure once they go into flower.

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Waiting on delivery of another viparspectra 600 watt dimmable. Should come this week.

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Second light now in place. Much better footprint now. Ladies seem to be happy


they look fine bro and nice set up I might add

Thanks buddy. Bit of a neat freak. Just did some more topping today. To scrog or not to scrog, that is the question . :thinking:

No 1
No 1
No 1. PH in 6.5. Run off 6.0
No 2
No 2. PH in 6.5. Run off 6.4
No 3
No 3
No 3. PH in 6.5. Run off 6.1
No 4
No 4
No 4. PH in 6.5. Run off 5.9
No 5
No 5. PH in 6.5. Run off 5.9

Hey nug buddies. Could I get some advice on what could be going on with my ladies. Watered to run off today and results are with photos above. Really got me scratching my head.

Just looked up similar on the symptom checker and came up with Manganese deficiency. Your results may differ…

@chewie57 second pic dual color leaves
If Your in soil you want run off to be higher your run off numbers are low ph FYI
May want to get them up in range bud :+1:
Water with a higher ph than you have been till run off get back in place is my suggestion
Your seeing signs of nute lock cause of ph being out of range
Happy growing

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@Countryboyjvd1971, @Whodat66. Thx guys. Was kind of thinking it was a ph problem after checking with the Grow Bible. Next water will up the ph. My tap water here is 7.6. Straight tap water with a good dose of cal mag me thinks

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Just check runnoff as you go your not that far off I would water closer to 6.9- 7 range myself
Keep me posted brother I’m around If you have any questions
Just tag me @chewie57

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@Countryboyjvd1971. Will do. Don’t want to f#@k this up. Looking forward to getting this right so my partner and I have some quality smoko and not paying exorbitant amounts of money for it. The Government down here in Australia just can’t get it right. Have made medical marijuana legal but have no idea how to administer it. Adults should have the choice as to what is best for them. It still has the demon weed status here.


Nice @chewie57 and I understand I’m in NY state here in the USA and prices are high as well
And state government still not on board 100%
No smokable med mj and what is available has no thc so :+1:
There’s a few of you guy on here @Coltfire I believe is down your way and well as @BondPacker but have seen much from him since his harvest a few months back lol
As stated I’m here should you have any questions my friend
Happy growing :v:️ From the states CB :cowboy_hat_face:

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Looks like something may be chewing on one of my ladies. Been over her leaf by leaf and scrapped around in the soil but alas can find nothing. Other than that I am in the process of correcting my ph imbalance. Slowly but surely. The rest of the harem seem to be doing ok. Can anyone suggest what I could possibly use. Maybe something broad spectrum for pests and leaf munching minions of evil.

Lady front right is the one being nibbled on.

If you don’t see anything hanging out underneath, then it looks like flying critter damage (Japanese beetle type things) that eat then leave. I would look all over (i’m sure you have) for any worm/caterpillar type scoundrel too, because they are also leaf nibblers.

Oh, and if it is that, then the solution would be kind of obvious. Move them inside, get some mosquito netting. I’m sure there are chemicals or stuff you can use, but I would look through the guides for that.