Some advice on room will it be worth it?

From a fellow grower:

Due to a recent move I’ve lost my longtime grow space, my only option now is a 33x33x63 grow tent only problem is I have no option for ventilation so my 1000mh/hps is out the window. I bought a 2 foot 8 tube T5HO I also have a 225 tell and blue led that only runs on 14 watts I believe. I still Ave a few of your s.s. autos…is this going to be a wast of my time? I’m only doing 2 at a time cause that’s all I have room for because I use 5 gallon buckets. Is this going to be a bust or even plain out usless? And also I use a micro and a bloom be cause of the cost I can north find one feeding schedule anywhere for autos. So I was wondering when you recommend to feed and when to start bloom feed? I’ve red a lot of your stuff and your a fair business man so I trust in your infromation. Thanks

Try using 3 gal pots and SCROG hard LST isn’t much of an option since auto’s flower very fast with any stress we have several guys growing autos in small spaces on this forum so am sure they will have more input than I.

here is the growing schedule of auto’s:

week 1 - germination and seedling stages
week 2-3 - vegation stage
weeks 4-8 (10) flower stages

use nutrients at 1/2 rates and at each specific stage of growth