Some advice on outdoor growing June-September


A question from a fellow grower:

I live in North Pole Alaska and the climate allows outdoor grow
starting June 1st as frost and possibility of a cold snap below zero is
possible thru April and below freezing thru may.
My question is that with a limit of 3 months because we can get early
frost possible before the end of august or early September.

How can I get a plant to bloom outdoors if daylight is running 16 to 18
hours a day and only very bright dusk the rest of the day. You no dusk
to dawn its still light.

I have been cloning for years and all indoors. I see no other option but to keep plants
potted and move the whole batch inside come flower time. So no actually
earth grow seems undoable. This would keep the plant size down because
the plant is root bound before natural growth height is reached.
Our summer is June 1st thru August 30th with much like 24 hour sun!!! Great growing but no turning to bloom.

Any suggestions?


I would plant Auto flower genetics. These will finish inside your window, and are designed to flower under longer photo periods, siuch as 16-18 hours of light. :slight_smile:


Our fellow grower says:

Auto bloom seems all but impossible to clone for me, the cut for cloning
seems to be on the cycle it was cut at and won’t go back to veg state.
so the support answer will not allow a sustained grow I can live with,
as I would have to have a supply of female auto bloom seeds which cost
is a factor on a fixed income.


That is exactly what autos do. The do not veg under a long light period and flower under a short light period, they just flower when they flower regardless of the season or light schedule. This is exactly why you can’t take clones, they will always flower about the same time as the plant they were cut from.