Some advice needed please

Beautiful buds

That’s awesome @Paranorman I looked into the bud of the month contest and I wouldn’t qualify cause I got these seeds from breeding and trying to start my own genetic line. I believe the rules say that your seeds have to come from the ilgm site. My seeds came from exotic genetics starfighter father and pink predator mother. By far the best genes I have came across from the US. Glad you like the buds and the way their coming along. Looking much better than my first grow. I owe everything to the guys on this forum and the information on this site. BTW I think they should start a bud of the month for the ones of us like me that just grow bag seed or non ilgm seeds


When I went to check the moisture in my soil to see if I needed to water today I noticed that some of the limbs that I cut while lollipoping are growing back just wondering if I should trim these off or just leave them I don’t want to stress the plants or slow them down any

I keep all that cut back. It will never make anything. And takes nutes from the top.

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That’s what I was thinking but I have heard both sides, believe I will go ahead and trim them off

I’ve never noticed any stress from popping these off like when you trim leaves. Think if you get while small it doesn’t hurt. I just throw all of it in the hash bag

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So I decided to go ahead and turn the light to 12/12 on my 40"x60" as things are filling quicker than I have expected. They have actually grown into the scrog very nicely and I’m thinking about moving the outside plants a little father back and maybe try to raise them off the ground some to fill in the upper section


Almost 3 weeks into flower and already showing sex had one male auto which is good now I can pollinate my female sour fireweed and not lose that strain. But I have one more I’m not sure about if ya’ll don’t mind taking a look maybe you can make up my mind. Going to hash bag it if it’s male or hermie…

@Allen13420 .Bad news its a boy … Hammer

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Nah I don’t consider it bad news I only had 3 males out 14… that’s very good odds for regular seed. And with this guy I should have enough greenery to make a batch of bubble hash. It’s all good!

Allen , Not bad at all on the ratio at all …By the way very nice scog … you should take you scrog to the journal . there is a person on the forum ,goes by hillcrest that has one of the nicest ive seen… Both of yall’s look major good …Hammer

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Thanks man! I really appreciate that coming from what I have seen you do on here. And I have seen @hillcrest21678 scrog it is very nice and one of my inspirations to Start the scrog. I had to remove 2 males out of the 40x60 and rearrange a few of them around to get things spread out better and with the stretch they have filled back up the holes pretty good. Here are some of the most recent pics. Plants are 3 months old from germ and 2 weeks into 12/12

this is just my second grow and one of my first threads didn’t really know how to do the journal then and I just keep updating this one. But my next grow I will start a journal.


@Allen13420 .Yeah if i had the room design i needed i would probably run a scrog or two to see how it go’s . And yes IT Was Hillcrest journal that spun some gears in that direction for me as well … And the only thing id do Diiff in your room …IS GO BIGGER , LMAO Is it Ever big Enough ?? lol Hammer

PS. @Allen13420 i Appreciate the compliment …:smiley: Hammer

Lol yes I do agree but I’m trying to fly under the radar and not draw to much attention with super high eletric bills. I have so many ideas… I would love to have an off grid system solar, wind, hydro something that you could run the grow room off of and not hike up the bills. I have 2 grows going in 2 separate places and try to keep things out of the felony range. But if it was up to me I have a full basement 25x48 with 4 rooms and they would all have 4 to 5 600w hps lights 2 soil rooms and 1 hydro room and and a room for starts and clones. I can see it now. Damn congress needs to get off their asses and pass some laws lol

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It’s been a few weeks since last update took one seed plant out of the smaller scrog and only about 2 weeks left on the other 2 done showing a few amber trics show going to flush them next watering and finish off with ph water. As for the big scrog I mistakenly left lights on for 24hrs for about a week and turned 2 hermie on me. One plant took out a quarter of my scrog and lights shut off before I got finished arranging everything.

Well its been a min. Since my last update but I have harvested my small Scrog with a little over a QP total. Had a few massive colas about the size of a pop can bUT most was around candy bar to corn dog size in diameter. The big Scrog is looking good although I have two locking out calcium due to to much potassium. I have flushed twice but still showing calcium lock out.


Hers is more pics going to harvest this one early next week…

and here are some pics of my og scrog and some close ups of the damage caused by too much bone meal. I have flushed twice and still not getting better. I believe I will try just feed water with no nutes and see if that helps. Also I believe I will start a grow journal for the remainder of the og scrog and I’m starting a grow journal with 5 ATFxnorthern lights auto.

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Update on the scrog and can’t really tell just yet if thing are getting better or worse but the buds are looking nice and Healthly

I was thinking about starting a new thread with this grow but I believe I will just keep it here and just start one on the four clones I have taken from these.

Have you checked for mites? Either that or look up septoria

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