Some advice needed for 10 days old marijuana plants

A question from a fellow grower:

i need your support urgently. please look at the photo. i have
germinated 2 seeds, now they are 10 days age. but i think they have a
problem.they are not vertical and no enough leaf. they will grow up or i
have to do something?

at the day time, they are in the sunlight 3-4 hours. in the nights they are into the home.
outside tempereture is around 15 degree, and home is around 18 degree…

please make comment, i dont want to lose the flowers.

what can i do??

They are stretched out because you have not given them adequate light.

I would invest in a 2’ T5 like this,

and place it 2" above them with a small fan to gently blow a breeze onto the stem causing it to strengthen up :slight_smile:

Couldn’t they put them into larger pot were you would just have 2" above the dirt showing always worked for me


I would not waste the time, energy, or medium on these until they stand up by themselves.

They are just fine in the pots; Just light starved.

Really…ok then. I would like to see how they come out later.
Maybe if it works i’ll do the same thing next time


I agree with Latewood,however the media looks pretty damp. I’d hold off with the water as well.

thanks for your supports… i have transported in to home and put a metal halide light 250 watt… now they are good. i can send photo if anyone wants to see.
i have another question. which one is the better for the vegetation, metal halide light or sodium steam light. both is 250 watt.