Some advice from fellow members

And my last grow I did 4 in a 4 X 6 X 6 box and I was out of room entirely!

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I think the habits among this forum is to grow large plants. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, but far from the only way to do it.

I’ll have to ask if I can get some pics, but a local to me grows 9 plants in a 2’x2’x4’. He has 3 nearly identical tents and harvests 200+ grams every 4 weeks. Tent 1 has 2 mom’s and propagation station 200 watts cree cxb 3590 5000k. Tents 2 and 3 have 200 watts cree cxb 3590 3000k and 9 1 gallon pots.

He never intended on the third tent, but timing perpetual grow was to difficult. He doesn’t yeild squat per plant, but he’s at or over a gram per watt on an 8 week strain. Yielding about a pound per month from a grow that’s contained within a bedroom closet on around a 2 week veg cycle.

Most people fail to realize that indoor growing has everything to do with area of plant, amount of light, and ability to keep the plants healthy. It doesn’t matter if you fill your area with 1 plant or 20. A full room is a full room. And you won’t pull a pound from a 75 watt light within any reasonable veg time. If you’re always growing from seed it’s not really cost effective to be dropping 10 seeds a month. But what’s the cost of lighting for a 8-12 week veg time? Doesn’t make any way bad, just different. No matter whether you’re a hobbyist, stoner, cash cropper, or anything else, there’s always a pay now or pay later in every aspect of growing. Just because everyone seems to do it one way, doesn’t mean it will be best for you. As new growers, it’s important to understand what others tell you. If you read on this forum that 4 plants is good, and then go to another forum and read that you only need to veg for a couple weeks, you’re gonna be very disappointed. The worst part is, you didn’t even get bad information, it was just different information.


Hey @TokersHaven are they fabric pots? If so do they work well and if so what size are they and do you go straight into these pots from germination?
Cheers @sweetas

@sweetas Yea man theyre 7 gallon fabrics, i soaked for 24hrs placed in jiffy germ pod and placed the germ pod in the pot. They work perfect i did a flush 3 days ago and my soil is just slightly moist now. Those are autos that have been through some pretty bad nute burn and i still have roots starting to come through the bottom.

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Would you translate the description of the lighting for me please; newbie here. TYIA

@PHamm Can you go to the topic I link so we don’t dirty up the op’s thread anymore please? Feel free to ask whatever questions you have, I will help to the best of my ability. Thanks!