Some advice for an outside grow

A question from a fellow grower:

i’m live living far up north (70N) in case you want to know. i have a
issue, since the season is almost here. i’m not sure if i should start
out in smaller pots and then replant them. because i’m worried they
won’t survive. so my question is: should i just dig out like a hole in
the ground for my plants/plants (about 20L) and plant them like that. or
what should i do?

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You should start them in 1 gallon pots. Let them grow and establish strong stems and roots before transplanting into a hole outdoors. I suggest you make that hole and amend the soil now, allowing you to have great results. :smile:

I have been cultivating outdoors for many years and have found that by preparing the creosote outdoors in advance gives me a much larger end product but also starting in pots gives you the advantage of being able to save whitespace by setting your plants before putting them in the ground.If you can be sure that your soil is great and have female seeds put them in the ground.My Experience.Terribledog 415

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