Some advice about marijuana plants

A grower in need of some advice( PICS ARE C1, C2, M1, M2):

he plant which is named as M1 & M2 has been growing at the
start just by curiosity and now for about 4 weeks is under good
conditions such as wind and light. she is under 18-6 hours of time

the other plant named as C1 &C2 has been seeded
just for 3 weeks and has been growing since the beginning with the right
soil and light. C1 plant has been feminized and bought from Amsterdam.

the plant called as M1 is just random skunk. as you can see
the plant M has some discoloration on the leaves. such as a bit
yellowish and some holes on the leaves have appeared.and on c1 there i just saw a yellowish leave on the 1st set of leaves that came out.İm scared

i have ordered a PH level calculator for my water which is tap water that has been sitting on the side before being used.

than that for the plant M i have been giving him " PH PERFECT
TEHNOLOGHY micro and grow Nutrients and the measures are in 3 liter
water there is 1,5 ml from each of them .

and im giving the plant M this once a week for about 2 weeks.please let me know what i can
do because i would not like to loease any of my plants especially plant C
as i have 3 of them going on and they are very loved plants

They appear to be slightly over-watered. Otherwise, I believe they look well. Let the soil dry out until the pots are light. Then drench them with a full strength nutrient solution.

After that; You will want to watch for a healthy new growth. :slight_smile: