Solving The “When To Flush”

Happy Saturday growers!

Here is my baby Petunia, ILGM Amnesia Haze Auto, Day 59.

I am planning to harvest at 15-20% amber on the trichs. I wish I had steadier hands to take a photo through my lens, it’s SO HARD🤬!!

Anywho, my nutrient schedule has my last week of nutrients starting on day 63. I was going to use Flawless Finish from day 70-77, or even longer if recommended.

I’m growing in 5 gal DWC. Using all Advanced Nutrients products ( grow, micro, bloom/ sensizyme/ bud candy/ overdrive/ CalMag)

Do I want to flush at the time of 15-20% amber or should I follow my nutrient schedule and then flush until 15-20%?

Thank you!

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Correction* apparently I read the instructions wrong on Flawless Finish. It’s only mixed and use for 6 hours in the res to clear the plan and root system, and then straight water until harvest.

When I read “ It should be used approximately 1 week (4-10 days) before harvest. “ I figured I was using it for that duration, while in fact it’s only used once for six hours.

Entirely up to you. I typically don’t like that much amber. And harvest sooner.


Just to help you clear confusion…any nutrients that the plant takes in cannot be taken out. The word “flushing” technically only applies to the soil or coco your growing in. The idea is to strip your medium of nutrients and make it inert for the plant. In doing so the plant goes into senescence and begins eating on itself, taking the nutrients stored throughout its leaves. Senescence basically means that the plant realizes its dying, so it goes into a “finishing” mode. Typically you do this around 2 weeks from harvest. So if your plant is a 9 week strain then you would flush your medium and begin giving water only for the last 2 weeks before you chop.

On the other hand, many people feed the plant all the way to harvest. There have been numerous studies showing that the bud doesnt really have a different taste or smoke by not flushing.

In my personal opinion, I like flushing because the plant tends to quit producing bud, less likely to foxtail or take off on you. But it’s up to the grower.


Well said and explained !


I agree with @imSICKkid @Covertgrower, amount of amber is a personal preference.
As sickkid said, flushing in coco definitely makes a difference in a good way, imho. Knowing when to flush comes with experience.

Growing in water is another story from research that I have obtained.
Flushing is like sickkid said, clean the medium
Water has no medium so when you change to water only you are basically throwing the plant into, what he said👆… lol and it starts to eat itself.

If your plant is growing optimally when you change to water only, then it only takes what some say, 2 - 7 days to start to considerably diminish. Some say more. You have to figure out what works best in your situation. This is only what I have read.

Please always consult the experts here before listening to me… :joy::rofl::joy:
Congrats on the grow!
Pictures or we don’t believe you! … na j/k !


Thank you guys so much for the responses.

Instead of going by calendar day, I’m going to keep a close eye on the trichomes. When I see 90% cloudy I am going to begin the flush, then continue with water until I’m 100% cloudy, maybe 5% or so amber.

One thing I have noticed is the hairs on my lower nugs are still white. I guess I’ve noticed some changes over the last week, but I almost feel as though my trichs will be done before my lower hairs all turn. Is this normal? Are those little popcorn nugs worth the partial harvest?

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Hey side note… Anyone ever grow ILGM Amnesia Haze and get the buds turning purple?? All the photos I’ve seen of this strain have been a generally green bud with orange and yellowish hairs