Solventless Rosin for Idiots

There’s so many concentrates, and so many ways to do it… can someone give me a step-by-step like I’m an idiot to go from trim to solventless rosin with the dry ice process?

Please? @SilvaBack203 @Big123 @MidwestGuy

I’ve used dry ice to make hash, but the only other concentrate I’ve made was with QWET. Maybe @Covertgrower. Blackthumbbetty is also a good concentrates person. She’s not around much any more, but you can still search her threads.

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You can press your bud for you mean all solvents? are you looking for “rosin” only or some concentrate. What is the end result youre looking for what do you want to do with your product? Too many questions? Lol
Im practicing getting more info before trying to help.
Small volume or are you looking to make a lot of whatever your making?

Yep. But I’m looking for info on how to process my trim, not my buds.

We use the Levo2 for most of our trim. Also QWET for tinctures

Dry ice in bubble bags shake and recover.
Pic below of recovery.
Put recovery in rosin press pic… fresh press of 1 gram recovery material.

They are tons of tutorials on YouTube but honestly it’s a pretty straightforward process

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  1. Put dry plant material in bag
  2. Put dry ice in bag
  3. Shake over 3’x3’ table until no more dry ice
  4. Scrape up kief

Is that all there is to it? Bubble Magic has a set especially for dry ice extraction (neoprene insulation, etc),

Or are cheaper bags ok with good gloves?

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I use the bags below… I don’t believe it matters what bags you use.
And yes that’s the process. Not until dry ice is gone but until you notice nothing is shaking out. And can still process the leaves after for edibles and such.
I keep it in the freezer till I’m ready to press. I generally only press what I’m about to smoke but I’m sure you could do it all at once.
I use heat gloves from my job so IDK about that.

Yeah, GrowWeedEasy has a step by step tutorial on dry ice hash as well as bubble hash. But then you need to decide what to do. Some use Alcohol or oil to transport the active material as in tinctures or canna-caps.

I save pressed rosin bags and use those for oils and butter for edibles.
Btw the different size micron in bubble bags will determine your press 25 micron being the best and then up… the higher the micron the more plant material and the darker your pressed rosin will be.

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Can you post an amazon link? I’m not finding exactly what you’re pointing at… thanks!


But you use the dry ice process, not bubble with water ice? So, basically, ignore the instructions?

Yes dry ice…
IMO bubble hash is useless as far as a press goes unless you have a freeze dryer. @ 1k I can do without :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:
I just start at the middle bag and shake into a home Depot bucket. recover and move to the next bag. I store them based on micron size. 25 micron being best for press


Check this link for use with those bags. Pretty boring but you’ll get the at work so don’t quote me on micron because I’m having an old fart moment.

Meh, it gave the needed info.

I wonder why he’s shaking onto a table when he could shake into the bottom of the trim bin?

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That’s a little puzzling because In the end it’s exactly what he does. I prefer 5 gallon bucket in my mind the bag folded over the bucket keeps the keif where it’s not airborne. Could be all in my head, I’m generally high when I do stuff. :grin:

Check out a set of dry sift screens on Amazon they work very well comes in a set of four I believe they’re 24x30

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Ok, explain how that works. Like I’m 5. Or an idiot.

Yea. But if he can do that, I don’t understand why he wouldn’t.