Solo cup Farm for 9th

That’s awesome… I may have to make some.

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Welding project done back to excavating had to stop no fuel. Anyways the important stuff is at home. 3 grove bags hung them then wedryer now in Grove Bags smells great.

Truffles, Mints and Mystery seeds from Honest Pharm.
Couple nuggets left on my new cleaning tray. Lift up and surprise something to add to my assortment of get high items.

And to finish this post some of my clones and BLIMBURN seeds


Area 3 :grin:

Sprouts are all active. Clippings are just chilling waiting for me to decide which route to take. Area2

The ones in the pots are sprouts from Santa, 12/24. Not bad for a month old can always tell when the root hits the bottom. Yesterday pulled the 2 5 inch autos that are starting to flower at 30 days they actually had an impression root system already. They didn’t mind being transplanted either it seems they were full of spunk this morning when everyone got a drink.

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Hump day on East st, goodmorning all my girls are doing great. The WR area1 is doing great checked weight on pots they can go at least another day before watering. I think my bigest problem is feeding to soon not letting the soil maintain long enough to deplete the nutrients in the soil. I used to feed then water and molasses at least once tohelp dirt enzymes or micro
The suggested 2 feeding then flush this is from local grower.

Area 3 has all sprouts pushed up had to realign a couple that pushed out of the dirt.

I might put the clippings in dirt today when i get home from work stull not sure. Barney Farms seedlings have all sprouted. Area 2 auto closet is doing great.

Still have 4 that can be transplanted wait a little while to get a good root ball established.

Area 4 has one in the Wedryer and one fresh cut yesterday washed and hanging small auto. YUZU from Dankseeds. Awesome smell and the last run smoked great

Cooking my trimmings for cooking.


Whats left of my garden girl Purple haze, seedling from 2021 growing season she grew 10 ft. Started as a mutant.

Okay just another update, I have bad feet and my left heel aches like a bad tooth ach, thought about try yesterday but got side tracked till last night, I tried it and it did help so first thing this morning applied again and does help dull the ach lets see what the day brings.

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I love my trim bin for exactly all that pixie dust! I use a piece of parchment paper in the bottom of the bin. That way I can just pick up the paper and pour it into my vessels, no chasing pixie dust.


I like pixie dust

Snow day plow gave me a small hicup but that was resolved,

up to hills to help my people .

Haed to imagine me doing something besides my lovely girls. Lol :laughing: :rofl:


TGIF WR area 1 all watered last night I think my one issue is i start feeding nutrients to soon i guess the ppm in and out is whats confusing to me I guess. I’m trying to do what best for my girls.

Area 3 is seedlings changed light last night to give just a little more 10 out of 12 seem to be living life. Have noticed the soil seems to tighten up enough to push out on the ground instead of rooting down. Might try a seedlings mix.

My Barney Farms crop. Area4 has only one left she’s a small YUZU auto that is hanging

My grove bags

Area 2 is my solo cup farm.

Santas seedlings are doing great taking off move to WR before you know it.

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spent plenty of time in the snow growing up. Moved south now, dont get to play in it as much


Busy day gone all day but its nice to know in the back of my head is that my girls are doing great and can stand me not in looking at them all the time. LOL. Morning photo shoot

Had a male show up from one of my Blimburn seeds hes gone. Had Mrs.B’s confirm the identification she said yep shes got balls. My clones are all popcorn buds but doing great. My Grimm Brothers tester seeds all cut and harvested except 2 that are still doing their thing. The clone are from a Hari (GB) they are all doing great. Im thinking valentine’s flowers this year

My little YUZU is ready for the cut.

My new friends that i met yesterday in between loads of furniture they were going to take a break then theres a bong oh boy new friends. Her payment was a joint of her girl scout cookie and a sac of Critical Mass. I like the way that smokes.

Graduation today have 3 autos 12/24 seedlings

, are showing signs of flower already seems like i have had some eager girls these last 3 runs.

Whiskey zulus are 11/30 seedlings :seedling:

I made more pain ointment today this time coco butter and the Breath easy oil.

I’ve had a good report from my peeps on my first batch so we are trying this.

Solo cup graduation