Solo cup chanllenge

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I am doing the solo cup challenge with my Candy Cream auto flowers. They are 5 weeks old, and already in flower! First time for doing the solo challenge, so I am pretty excited about them. They are inside now, but will be going outside with my other girls when it warms up.


Ha. These experiments are so cool and contribute to what we know about growing. It’s fun to see people get results from the challenge too.


@Dreamer are you competing with anyone or just having fun?


@Fieldofdreams there’s a couple of huge threads on them. Just a fun thing. I want to do one real soon. Almost did with a White Widow Auto. Yours look really good @Dreamer !! What soil/nutes are/will you be using??


@Borderryan22 so is it any strain goes or does everyone use the same seed type? I’m interested.

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Stepped on them again, today, 2nd time in a month. Single guy is laid down 5 weeks old, outside 3 weeks.

@DEEPDIVERDAVE maybe a tomato cage or some fencing is in order for you then?

Nope. Nothing specific, except a solo cup. Your choice of seed, medium, nutes. Not a real competition, kind of a self challenge. I wanted to do the White Widow she had 4 inches of root sticking out of the cup before I transplanted this morning. But just trying to grow a plant, seed to harvest in a solo cup. Some have damn monsters!


The threesome seedlings above were freed from their cups, last month. Yes, a fence would help. but no. I grow for this ecosystem. Admittedly, it would help protect the little plants. However, I am but a sharecropper. The deer, rabbits, birds and bees all get to eat for free. I get the privilege of being the caretaker for us. I freed some baby bunnies last year with the warning my neighbor is not so kind. The first day I planted two Granny Smith apple trees ($$), the deer came that night and took every bud. I was livid. I live in town, so deer jerky is off the menu. The RF predator motion sensors attracted human inquisitors. The liquid cougar urine is $35.00 a quart, realizing our island deer have never seen a cougar and probably they are not afraid of the urine. Our PNW daily rain does not help the efforts. Resistance is futile. My big Apple trees feed us all.

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@DEEPDIVERDAVE uhmmmm in that case—maybe watch your step?

Or a few land mines around the plants should do :joy:


I’ve been wanting to try this. I think i would use purple kush auto. Has anyone started any seeds for this challenge. Im thinking about it.

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Solo Cup Challange accepted
I will show you mine. Previously germinated 4/1 and pictured 4-18 here
Since worked thru the garden.

Non solo cup contestant, cut gallon jug is her home.

First picture has my ADRIFT Seedling. Notice the top left plant with burned bleached leaves.
She got banished after all leave bleached.
Today after 2 weeks in a floating hospital, she found land.

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Just having fun!!! :sunglasses:


Pro-mix. I put some worm castings and coast of Maine Stonington Blend. I ordered Bergmans’s plant food. I will be using that on all my plants. :sunglasses:

People grow em all the time.

drop some seeds and see what happens.

Sometimes other weed growing spots will have actual contests going, but here it’s just for fun.

Here’s my last solo cup grow. She was an autoflower. I usually grow photoperiods in solos.

My next one is gonna be a mainlined photo


I’d be down to try it once to see what would happen. :thinking:

Absolutely. Highly recommend it. It’s a tremendous learning experience.

And Kill’n it Grow Sis :love_you_gesture:

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Thanks boss. :v: Can’t wait for the next round.