Solo Cup Challenge

Here’s the deal let’s all grow a plant in a solo cup or cup of similar size. Let’s have all different types. I am going to run with a super skunk full season plant, White Widow auto from"ILGM". The other is a crossed bred seed I named"TaterChop". Mark your cups with plant name, date you put it in dirt and the day it sprouts.


Gonna have me some of them tater fries Mmmm :drooling_face:

@timmyjoe420 Hmm Ill think on it…Sounds fun…

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Hmm :drooling_face: :drooling_face: :drooling_face:

I currently have 19 in solo cups about to reveg if that counts. Won’t be up potted at all either.

Hey @timmyjoe420
There is already a long running topic on solo cup grows. It has been running for about two years.

This topic of yours may not be getting a lot of attention due to that. Don’t want you to get discouraged.
Welcome to the forum btw.


Sounds good to me. Looked fun so I started the challenge.

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Figured I would use my SuperSkunk from here. I’ll post pictures of my tater chop LoL.

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Sorry if anyone thought I was stealing topic or taking their glory. Im just interested to see what kind of plants we’ll see. I have never let one bud from a solo cup. Messed up plenty of times and left them in their to long. Curious to see how powerful it will be if I take care of it in the cup