Solo Cup Challenge!


Looking great brother. U a master grower 4 sure

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It was a week before I wanted to chop, but I had to. She was rootbound, had algae fungus gnats I just could not get rid of. Her flowers had already started drying themselves out and shrinking. The white pistils still present were shriveling before turning red, telling me they weren’t even getting anything. So, at just under 7 weeks flower time, Skywalker OG is hanging up. I took a small sample yesterday from the very bottom and it was decent. Hopefully, further up has a little more boom. Here she is 5 minutes before chop…

The sample bud (yesterday)…


I may be losing my OG Wan Solo girl. I am trouble shooting it and may post some pics but all of her leaves are a high yellow. If you look up in the stream, she came back to me with nice green leaves albeit funky but still the right color and the more recent pics you can already see the difference. It has gotten worse and last night it was pretty bad. I flushed the cup with 3 solo cups of 7.0 and got 6.8 at run off. I then fed her a shot of 2.4.4 and 1.0.0 Calmag. Not sure if it is sulfur or nitrogen deficient. Nitrogen usually starts lower as it is a mobile nutrient so she will steal from the lower and give to the new growth but sulfur is not mobile so the whole plant including new growth will show these signs. If I do not see improvement then I will give her some Epsom salt over the weekend and see how that goes. Hoping when I check in on her tonight, I see some greener new growth. I will snap some pics as soon as I get home and post. Since this is a challenge and not how I normally grow I am a bit lost.


I just went back in the time musheen and read all of the prior grows and came across your pic of this and this is one of the reasons why I love growing cannabis

Pic courtesy of @Borderryan22
Ryans symmetrical solo


Thanks @Bonjoyle !!! I loved that pic as well. She didn’t look anything like that when I chopped her yesterday. That really means a lot, I appreciate the good vibes!!!


Here are the pics of OG Wan Solo.

This pic is of my 17 day old gfog next to the solo for color reference. The new baby is perfectly healthy. Gonna wait to see if she gets better before i give her an epsom watering. She is also getting painted :nail_care: so that with the light yellow leaves narrows it down even further.


OG Wan Solo has joined the force. :dotted_line_face: :skull_and_crossbones:
I will try again with a new clone soon.

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Male? cue imperial march


No. Too much lifelong stress i think. She has been in that cup for 3 months.