Solo Cup Challenge!

I havent been able to try her yet, ive got the mother in flower now, been 36 days, so we should be near halfway done.

Has an almost Orange Creamsicle smell, and its crazy vigorous.


Man I hope that quality just continues to become more assertive as she matures, who doesn’t Absolutely Love Orange Creamsicles!?
She’s lovely gal, you got some big ass colas on her now, geez, vigorous is Right :star_struck:
Who’s the seedbank/breeder…eagerly await her completion, please tag me when you publish the smoke report :grin: :rocket: :partying_face: :v:


I will look for that. Actually I am a fan of both men and thanks to this exchange I realized I knew more about Lee Ermy than Bob Ross. After spending 10 minutes researching Bob Ross I’m gonna say Lee Ermy is no Bob Ross. My interest in Lee Ermy goes back to the Marine Corps and Kubrick.

My interest in Bob Ross is limited and more from a personal and cultural vantage point.

My mom watched Bob Ross on tv and his quiet enthusiasm gave her the confidence to paint. It was the only thing she did to relax besides smoking marlboros or reading. Anyway, she was a life long smoker as well and died of lung cancer. At the end she would ask for a cigarette and couldn’t even manage to inhale the smoke……I didn’t know Bob Ross was a smoker. I didn’t know much of anything about him; I do know.

My mom was a very complex person and so was Bob Ross.

I am amazed at the things I learn here without even trying….

TY @CoyoteCody


No problem, both of them have great stories!!


During a visit with my therapist the ongoing saga of my new hobby comes up. He mostly listens but does interject occasionally and lately it is in regards to all the information I spew. He seems genuinely awed by it all. I give everyone here all the kudos.

I thought of the dude when he asks where I get all this information:

“new information has come to light man”
I blurt out then attribute the line to the wrong scene/characters.
Cannot ever remember the actors name (“it’s a three syllable name”) what???

Anyway I just had to do a search and here is a part of the actual scholarly paper I found:

“The reality that The Dude builds for himself using his less than deliberate, yet seemingly effective, information seeking skills is one that is not as information-impoverished as Walter’s and Donny’s.
The key elements of The Dude’s successes are the invitational personal construct he holds and the robust information mosaic that openness allows him to build, paired with his ability to keep anxiety at bay and remain positive.
What is not clear is if his achievements result in part from the ‚strict drug regimen‛ (Big Lebowski 1:29:45) he uses to keep his mind limber, but the mention of it shows us that The Dude at least attempts to create an environment that fosters learning.
In The Dude’s constantly evolving reality, he uses his skills effectively to bridge information gaps and build his own utopian world.”


“create an environment that fosters learning”

That’s this group lol


I can see that, we all have a little bit of the dude in us, that sounds wrong lmao, we are all the dude.



Well boys I think my solo is about done for. Just all kinds of issues so I’m saying screw it and pitching it. After last root trim leaves got all spotted bad then starting at the bottom branches everything started dying upwards so I’m pitching it I don’t think there is saving it unless I transplant and the transplant takes good. It’s looking bad think I’m just throwing it and saying screw the solo grow lol. Not for me obviously. Lol


What kind of nutrients are you using? How often are you watering, and how much run off do you have each time?


Jacks and tribus recharge now and again maybe once a month I just put a little pinch on the soil after watering it. Always seemed okay I always leave it in the runoff and it sucks that up quick like a whole dinner bowl within hours. I think she is just out of root space in that cup she is like a foot by a foot wide and maybe a foot tall little less 10 inches maybe. Didn’t scrap it yet fed her good with lots of runoff drained the run off and left her set in fresh jacks with a bit of fish shit pics when I get home brought my daughter to McDonald’s for a job interview. Wanting to work at 15 so she can own a mustang lol. Told her at her age with the prices of cars and insurance on a new driver u’ll be working to drive a car if u can even afford that :laughing::laughing::laughing:


I would toss the run off, set it in fresh nutrients, and I would water multiple times a day. That’s kind of the challenge in the cup, only so much water fits, so you have to water a lot.


Usually if I get her soaked and fill the bowl once she is just drying up by morning if I soak her good at start.

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She’s coming along.


Its actually bred by Preybird Farms, @Preybird1. He hasnt been active on here for a bit. And i will definitely tag you in the smoke report!


Well boys what’s ur guys call. It don’t seem to be as bad knocking off all the dead that was on it. I’m thinking transplant it and let it grow otherwise it’s gonna die on me lol.

I believe all the spots are from me spraying the plant a few days ago not 10p% tho. They did not show til after I sprayed her. Thought she was total dry set her in the room had shiny spots here and there nothing bad tho and now she looks like this. No bugs anywhere that I see even crawling on rootball when I pull out I don’t see any signs of bugs so leading me to think it’s from the spray day wom is all gone tho hasn’t been showing at all since the last spray. Usually shows next day a touch and nothing yet.
Edit. Will cutting roots cause leaves to spot like this. One part of roots when I cut looked like it was three quarters inch round in the one spot thru roots


Maybe if you cut back on that gorgeous manifold (I know it’s an awful suggestion) she could sustain a lower load of vegetation. I have been super cropping my two solos whenever I think of it. I’ve got just 3 colas and keep thinning her out and defoliating. I’m trying to get the kind of roots @Arrow posted a while back. It’s a challenge to keep just enough vegetation to sustain her. Maybe I’m wrong about this but some strains or phenos you see doing great in solo cups may be long time familiar to the grower so they know from experience how to balance the upper and lower if you know what I mean. I’ve been just trying to keep my 2 alive through the winter or at least until after Christmas when our guests head back to Canada. I’m just trying to be encouraging. I’m sure someone more experienced can set me straight.



Thinking of keeping this one in the solo cup just to watch and see what happens with her barnacles lol. Sunset Sherbet clone, it’s actually one section from the main stalk I topped and made 3 clones from, who knew that could produce barnacles, the other 2 are growing normal, this one got a little bonsai twist because she’s obviously special :seedling::joy:


Love that root


It’s crazy right?! Hornex #8 hasn’t let me down yet :joy: