Solo Cup Challenge!

I may chop my roots today but it ain’t gonna be easy to hold a 35” plant and cut the roots! :sweat_smile::rofl::joy: :v::call_me_hand:


Lay that baby on the floor and have fun. I had to lay mine sideways on the table make sure to use a super sharp knife so it don’t break up the rootball so far so good here


Great job brother, and ya my first time was kinda scary too lol.


I got a ton of seeds from another member ( thanks brother, you know who you are :grinning:)

Now i might try the challenge since I now have a surplus of seeds


What if you cut the bottom off a solo cup and stuck her root ball in it using the bottom edge as a guide?

A root trimming jig so to speak


I just eye ball it and was good. I added a hair more coco in bottom so there was no air gaps when I put it back on top and some great white of course.


Very cool my friend, thanks for sharing :+1: :star_struck:

Was actually thinking of doing this to some solo clones I have had going since last november.
They got good trunks but they aint getting flipped any time soon.
Im very happy knowing you can keep em in limbo sorta speak for quite some time, that could come in very handy logistically wise.

This came about out of me being too lazy to trim em properly so I just sheared the shit out of all of em, took like no time to trim em this way :grin:

Purple urkle, God’s Gift, Blackberry Raspberry kush :wink:
Before haircut…3 of em lol

Post trim


@CoyoteCody you still got the Hashplant in the solo or was that just temp housing? :grin:
Also, wtf have you been feeding your gals, the roots are probably the most vigorous I’ve seen in that stage, Damn dude :+1: :+1: :+1: :star_struck: :partying_face:


Love the “shrub” look absolutely beautiful!! Just jacks, some tribus, and some bloom booster now. She is taking the cup like a champ, and its her final home.


Shrub is right :grin: thanks man
I’ll get some pics of my gal, she’s very short & stout, taking clones off her already :+1: have to in order to get something that resembles a “yield” :rofl:


@CoyoteCody I think I got some tribus in the fridge :grin: should really bust it out

Frig it! not solo cup but…they were in a solo cup :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Afghan Hashplant, Female on left, both in 2 gal pots

Dont mind her being short as long as the buds are dense, that would be nice.
prolly about 14" tall from above soil


Looks like good examples of nice indicas, can’t wait to see what the buds look like.


Me too! This one I’ve been waiting to run for a while now since @AAA suggested the strain.
Also dropped his Hashplant x Corpseflower cross a week ago, should be interesting to see how they differ :smiley:


@Mote looking fantastic and zen like imho
Very nice work


Thank you Glam, completely unintentional results :wink: :grin: :v:


Just a couple of GDP clones left now as I shut down my tents and will try to keep 2 in solo cups alive until after the holidays. I did cut the roots with a sterile new single edge blade and added worm castings and small amount of micorrizae before returning them to solo cup. They look to be fine for NOW….
May just clean up the ol phototron and move the girls in solo cups into her for the winter with an LED bar or two. The reflective material is new but the bulbs are all failing so I’ll suspend a small LED from above or add some LED strips
No solo cup challenge here just keeping a nice pheno alive……


Lovely Yard/Plants! :+1:
Perfectly fine man, this is the perfect way to keep clones going till you have the tent space or what not to cut em loose. The lighting should be fine especially if you want low maintenance for a while.
Are the rest in there GDP too, they look big!


Thanks for the kind words. There are six GDP clones that went outside in late April. They went into 10 gallon fabric sacks in FFHF. They started to flower here in SENE after 12 weeks in strong veg. So the tall girls on the right are about 6 weeks in flower and I’m using them to hide all the real work I SHOULD be doing (painting trim repairing generally) AND all the extra plants I keep finding. After I dropped 2 new strains (8 beans) the first week of June the wife says I gotta get rid of the extras…… let’s not even mention the two runs from the cloning bucket.
I’ve learned a lot in a year is what my nephew said when he visited for a week the end of August. Just enough to be very dangerous and all of it from this community.
So I’m about 2 weeks from chopping the oldest 6 GDP and honestly have no idea how many I’ve got total. 2 GDP re vegged in the picture bottom left in tan 7 gallon phat sacks. 2-3 Cement shoes 2-3 Train wreck 2-3 Chocolope (all totally new strains for me) all in various states of flower except the big 6 GDP. Those 6 I started super cropping first time and they got no mercy on the larf. However, as these new strains and clones over ran my homestead, the larf potential is there. I’m trying right now to pinch that out and get it dried to see if they’re worth cloning. I also just bought some photoperiod GG and Thai seeds from MSNL that look really nice (especially the Thai seeds) I’m really excited to drop some of them next spring and hopefully have another nice hot summer for them to stretch outdoors. I have nothing but deference to others for the results.
I’d keep the GDP going just for the smell of those buds. They are maybe 2-3 weeks out.
Just ordered a wood humidity meter and grove bags in hopes I get to harvest.
Thanks to all for the support and help……


You got allota stuff Growin On and I’m stoked for you and I don’t see how y’all do it!! I’m maxed out Growin 5 different plants. You have my utmost respect :fist::sunglasses::v::call_me_hand:


You’re too hard on yourself.
Being retired is cheating.

I think compared to the folks working full time or even 2 jobs and still stacking the buds after working 12 hours or more gets my respect.

It’s also from deciding to give up other interests and focus a bit more.

If I could get away with it, this is all I’d do…

I am working towards less is more just as you’re already doing!!!

Agriculture connects both sides of my family to the land, then and now. Many times I wondered why my parents never bought the waterfront property when it was cheap. A local of Native American ancestry put it to me simply one day. Waterfront land is _____farm land!!! That’s it.