Soliciting comments and/or criticism

So, these two auto’s are entering week 8 from germ tomorrow. I am just posting to see if anyone has any comments on if they seem healthy and if changes are necessary.

As a first timer I welcome any comments, criticism, and/or advice.

These are White Widow CBD Autos
Growing in Pot for Pot soil
Using a HLG 300L Rspec 18 on 6 off



They look nice. Maybe a little trim? Let’s see what others think. I’m fairly new myself.


I think you have a good looking grow. My only comment would have been to bend that main top over so the others are at the same height so they all get the same amount of light. …but at this stage I’d just let it ride out the rest of its days as is.


Thanks folks! Growing this plant has been way more educational and exciting than I could have imagined. But of course that means it is also stressful. It is super nice to be able to come to this forum and get such helpful and friendly feedback.

I have been defoliating them a little bit every few days for the past couple weeks. Taking out the dying fan leaves and opening up ventilation. I read a bit about it and the slow and steady process made the most sense. They really fill back in quickly.


Are they being fed any flower nutrients? It might be the light but they look a little pale.


No. The soil manufacturer doesn’t recommend feeding.
The larger of the two seems to have a less rich green color. But the light in the photos does wash the color out a bit.

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Looks like they need nitrogen.


What soil mfr says not to feed?

I use FFOF and like to feed Dr Earth every other week.


A Pot for Pot

:+1:. While promises of not having to follow a regular feeding schedule can sound attractive to many growers, using standard fertilizing methods for organic indoor gardening is actually a bit easier.

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For my second grow I am planning to try coco coir and attempt a nutrient feeding schedule. I have learned a lot with the first grow so I kept it as simple as possible.

After spending $100’s on nutrient regiments, I can honestly say, go simple. I’m using Lotus Nutrient with added Microbes (mammoth p and Recharge)

MANY people on here are switching to Jacks 321 with great success.

I started with Fox Farm and spent way too much money. and I still have full bottles! It was just too much time and pain measuring multiple liquids every feeding just to have to flush it all out because you’re burning the plants.

Hellraiser is doing a side by side comparison right now. Jacks Vs. Advanced Nutrients. A good source of info

Hellraiser grows Cherry Ice Cream clones, Jacks vs Advanced Nutrients, making feminized seeds


Thanks, you Animal! I will checkout that comparison.

I’m trying to imagine that fan not causing windburn on some leaves. Otherwise she looks happy. :grin::v:

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The one on the pole is too close? Or the one in the back is too much?


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Um looking again both fans are right on the gal. Try moving them higher up and set to rustle the tops. And on low since they’re so close. :grin:

Cool. Thank you!!

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Remember to move them up as they grow taller.

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