Soli pH how to raise?

I just tested my soli pH it’s acid according the kit’s color key my soil is very acid. If I water with pH adjusted plain water no fertilizer will that help?

Yes that will definitely help. You could also do a “flushing” of the soil to rid the soil of built up salts and nutrients as well as helping with clearing out the acidic pH. Someone like @garrigan62 or @Majiktoker will have a better answer for you though.


I ran into that problem earlier this year. I had to flush 12 gallons of pH 8.0 water to get mine straight, they were in 3 gallon pots at the time. But after a day of struggling from the stress, they all exploded with growth


Thank you .

In order to do that. Did you use regular tap water or let gallons of water sit to remove chemicals from city? Wow lots of work hope I don’t have to but I will.

Thank you. I’ve read their post I would be do flattered if they even readmy post. They have some much knowledge.

I just used tap water

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What size pots are they in?

It’s a decorative pot I’ve had for years. It’s pretty large I used a bag and a half of black gold organic and a quarter bag of Ancient Forest humus. 3 gallons roughly.

Tested run off water and it tested without in the suggested safe zones. She looks much better today.

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