Solar storm 550

I just bought a solar storm 550 and I am looking for help on the light spectrum

Lets flag the master… @dbrn32

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Exactly which light do you have? I think solar storm models are available in 880, 440, and 220 models. While solar system 550 is entirely different kind of light.

I bought the 550 with the controller, it’s replacing a 600hps light, they told me they have the colors preset to a standard,

Ok, I think that’s a solar system fixture. If you go to their website there is a tutorial on it. Looks like this

Seems lil small inwish my hlg 600s were a little bigger

I only need a 4x4 area perfect for what I need and hopefully it will take care of my heat problem

Yea I seen that I just didn’t know if there was any guides to lights settings

That is the guide, isn’t it? I thought their older models came with instructions in the owner’s too. Nothing in there?

I found the spectrums for Solarxtreme, Solarsystem and Solarstorm


Solarsystem 1100-wave-1_1520x

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