Soildawgs downstairs layer bringing the 🔥

Well here goes a lot of info to bring up to speed lol. I 8 outdoor lady’s afghan and 9lb hammer from growers choice. 2- 4x8s one for veg, one for flower and 2- 2x4s. Only one of them running atm… first post is gonna be the 2x4 tent. Currently there’s 3 clones just over a month from the cut from mom. 29/35 of the clones rooted. I came home today and received my order from titan @ squareone genetics so now I’m in a hurry to flip to make the room.

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Sounds like a lot of work.
Hope it goes well.

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The 2x4 today has 1 afghan clone and 2 9lb hammer from growers choice and I think they got the seeds mixed up bc the afghan is long and stalky and the 9lb hammers and shorter and bushy with thick leaves. There 4.5 weeks from the cut. I just received a pretty sweet package in the mail and couldn’t resist the temptation of starting the 5 pack of nanaz and laying all the phenos I got out next to each other… shout out to him bc he still throws in a free bean. So the 6 have took the plunge tonight :crossed_fingers:.

Week 2 ready for transplant to final pot

Week 3 adjusting nicely to the new light. (Grow light science progrow 320)

Week 4-current
The clones are picking up speed and have been topped/start training. 6 phenos of nanaz from robbin hood seeds to choose from


How is mama afghan turning out? I have a bunch of ILGM Afghan seeds and it is next in line. So curious…

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I’m having a hard time getting this posted @CooterJuice. @beardless the afghans I got are Turing out to be massive no smoke report or bud developed yet sorry


The outside lady’s and how they currently look



Very nice brother!! All looking great my man!! I envy your outdoor ladies cuz i cant grow outside!!! :crazy_face::crazy_face: Set to watch!!

So it won’t let me upload more than 5 pictures at a time so I got lazy and pretty much just jumped into where I’m at now with them so I’ll keep it posted thru October. Now, the 2- 4x8s aww hahahaha ok theses fuckers are a chore I’ll tell ya that. Have cotton candy and chocolate chunk from rocket seeds and do si does and my afghan, 9 lb hammer clones. Now gonna start at the beginning with a few posts to try and capture it all. After cutting all the clones and jerry rigging a cloner we were off to the field to bring back the baby’s to fill the veg 4x8. The flower 4x8 is full of the do si does mothers and 1 chocolate chunk. All beans are photo period and still vegging from a rough trellis set so will 100% be flipping to flower in 10 days.

Clones starting to take roots and pulled outta the cloner dome and placed in solo cups


Fast forward 2 weeks and they need there 3 gallon pots as the roots are flying out of the bottom of the cups lol

Now they veg for a while. Every clone was topped with transplant. Now for the flower tent madness lol these are all from seed. Will be flipping to 11/13 in 10 days


@Soildawg31 how are you liking the progrow 320?

I seen a video that says the grow 300 is comparable to the 650r from hlg ( if I live to see your reply :skull::skull_and_crossbones: ) I was thinking about getting the 320 in the future but it has no reviews that I’ve seen yet! Just curious what you think and what you had before it?

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I’m loving the light and so are the girls but I havnt made a full run with it yet… @CooterJuice has and he had great success with it I believe he pulled over a pound @DarhkGrows

Here’s todays hall baby lol with 2 more packs on the way

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Yes pulled a lb from clones in 99 days from cutting!! Love the Pro Grow 320 so far!!

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The big chocolate chunk in the 4x8 is starting to recover and fill her half of the tent while the others catch up

And the veg 4x8 is pretty much just coasting


Happy, healthy and looking great brother!!

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Totally forgot to snag pics of the outdoor garden they were pretty droopy after 2 full days with no water. The 8 of them are drinking about 31 gallons a week all together. The 2x4 should have 6 baby nanaz from Robinhood seeds braking ground when I rise in the morning lol

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Today in the 2x4

All 6 nanaz are off to the races and I have to continue to top the afghan. I can for see having issues flowering her with the naturally shorter bushier 9lb hammers so I’m half tempted to put all 3 clones outside and get to starting more seeds

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The flower 4x8 is just about full and ready for a defoil and the flip. It makes me weary when things are running smoothly everywhere😎

The veg 4x8 is really gaining wheels by the day. The afghans are gonna b the next flower run bc they wouldn’t take a 3 month veg lol 9lb hammers should b a perfect crop for the delay and lack of space. I say that modestly as 42 plants just takes hella room lol hey @HeyJB

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42?!? :exploding_head:

@HeyJB thats soly the indoor crop. 63 includes the outdoor lol. Thank god for good help to man I couldn’t do it all without my partner. We’re trying so hard to get thru what we have going now to get to square 1 genetics