Soil web good or bad?

Is this something i want in my soil or do i need new soil . my lil doy though it would de a good idea to grow oatmeal and rice and through some in the soil bin i didnt really pay attention to it after 3 days I come back to do some transplants I open up my game and find it someone told me it’s a good thing but I’m not sure in the bin I have fox Farm ocean Forest and chicken manure

it’s mold… not so good.

Nope not good at all mold is a mfr when it migrates to your crop

you need to get that off of your dirt and spry your plant and under the leaves with dish soap and water soak the soil while your at it.
By the way how old are your plants ? The reason I asked is you said you were using chicken manure in your soil. This is very hot stuff for seedlings


Somebody I know share this Link with me I don’t know what you guys think

I think it’s just plain easier to buy Subculture M MYKOS or great white and blend it with your soil before planting rather than gamble that the fungus you are growing is correct kind

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I have used it before. I wanted to try something new