Soil to use for germinating seeds


I’m trying to plan ahead a little bit and buy things here and there when I happen to have a few extra dollars on me…
My question is, I’m going to be growing some gold leaf and possibly blue dream ( if it happens to get here in time) from ilgm seeds I ordered, how many of you use a special soil that is geared towards growing seeds (seed starter soil)? And how many of you just put the seed directly in the same soil you’re going to be using for your whole grow?
No big hurry in responding I still have weeks to go before before I can Harvest. But I like I said, I would like to pick up things here and there if I need to when I have a few extra dollars. Thanks everyone for your help appreciate it!


I do start to finish in Fox Farms Happy Frog @neckNflu

In the past I started in organic potting soil with perlite.

I have no experience using seed starting mixes.


I start in Happy Frog and sometimes continue in Happy Frog, or replant in Ocean Forrest depending on the situation. (indoors or outdoors, or nutes to be used)


I use Promix Organic seedling mix then into Promix HP or Promix Organic soil.


I use pods then into solo cups then into 5 gallon


I started my last 2 grows in jiffy peat pellets, have had no problems with them yet…


Thank you very much for the reply. I appreciate it. I’ve done/do right to my Happy Frog soil myself, but I didn’t know if there was something that I should do for sure or not. I’ll be starting with seeds from ilgm! So I want to give them the best shot at success as possible. Thank you


Thank you very much for the reply I appreciate that.


I know people on the site like to use Pro mix. I may have to try that someday. I’ve heard good things. Thank you for your response


I also use a solo cup or old repurposed tiny flower pots like you get from the greenhouse store. I find their good-size to start with also. I also use 5 gallon bucket for my final size pot. But I’m considering checking out a couple of those 5 gallon fabric smart pots. Thank you for your reply


I’ll have to look up Jiffy peat pellets. I am new to that type of medium. I’m not even sure what they are. I’ll do my homework. Thank you for your help and response I appreciate it


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Ive never tried pro mix yet, but plan to in the near future .


Yea, I probably will too. I really enjoy Happy Frog or Happy Frog mixed with ocean Forest. I liked both ways. But after I feel I have a good grip on my ff soil grow I may changeup the medium to the Pro mix brand. I never hear bad things on the site about it.


@neckNflu, I took Bobs advice and used Happy Frog and it has been great. I’m a soils grower. I did notice I had to adjust the ph after about 3 weeks but that was due to my nasty water.


@neckNflu Fox Farm light warrior is made specifically for seedlings. It won’t kill your seeds. I’ve got 15 plants going good started in it.


I use a seedling starter soil. The brand I use has mycorrhizae mixed in it which helps promote root growth. I have had good success with it.


I start with Roots Organic. If you use Fox Farm then you can use a mix of half Happy Frog and half Ocean Forest to start.


I see that my soil has that (mycorrhizae) in it also. I may just do what @BoulevardC90Rider suggested and use a mix.
The other thing I considered is the local grow shops sells that light Warrior so I might check that out also.?
Thanks for the help everyone. It’s great to get some advice and different points of view. I have a few weeks to go before I can turn my room around so I’ll have time to think about it but I just wanted a good jumping-off point and you guys did that. Thanks!
Ps Once I start my grow with my iLGM seeds I’m going to start my first Journal and then I’ll start to tag everyone… then follow along if you’re interested. Thanks again much appreciated


O @neckNflu I forgot to mention put 20% extra organic perlite w/o nutes in that mix. No worries and happy growing brother!