Soil to coir. Not sure what to do

I have a California dream plant, about 2-3 weeks old in a 32oz container. I started in soil and the plan was to move it outside into the ground. The plant is growing slower than expected and may not have time to move outdoors to finish. I normally grow in coco and was wondering: if I kept root ball in soil then moved to a bigger pot with coco in it, would I have ph issue? What ph would I water at? Or should I wash the soil away and plant straight in coir? Thanks

Mine 3 ChemDawg where all in soil then placed into coco. I run 5.8 with no issues


And you left roots in soil? How much?

Yes left them. 1 or 3 gallon I don’t remember off hand. Hell and I mixed in a little worm casting lol.


You would be pretty much coco dominant so running at 5.8 will definitely work.

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Good deal. Thanks bubba


You won’t have any trouble. I did one last grow from FFOF into Promix and it never looked back. PH to final pot media.


I think you would be fine too.


@Jbum what’s your supply? Bottled organic dry etc

What as far as nutes? I’m using Emerald Harvest.

Sorry nutes was auto corrected to supply. Yeah I’ve heard bottled nutes work great at 5.8 but organic dry amendments typically work better closer to 6.5 since microbes don’t do well in the more acidic environment. I don’t have enough experience to make a call in coco but I have seen better results since I brought ph up to 6.3-6.5. Anyone have any insight into this?

You watering with 6.3-6.5 in coco? With better results?

This :point_up:? @Sirsmokesalot

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Yes by moving it up all lockout has subsided. I wasn’t even low one was 5.86 and one was 5.97 once I got new apera pen (cheapos were throwing me off)
I run coco and dr earth dry - only bottled nute I use is calmag