Soil testing time line


How long should I wait before taking a soil/runoff sample for Ph value after I added the dolomite lime?
Still seems around low 6s with the spike style meter after 1 dose 2 weeks ago, still no real change, 3 days ago added another dose.
How much time should it take for absorption?


Ahoj podle mne po pár hodinách je možné skusit pH test a pak ještě jednou po pár hodinách pro jistotuj/Hi, in my opinion after a few hours it is possible to test the pH test and then again after a few hours to make sure


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Hi, in my opinion after a few hours it is possible to test the pH test and then again after a few hours to make sure[quote=“Mitak17, post:4, topic:18147, full:true”]
Hi, in my opinion after a few hours it is possible to test the pH test and then again after a few hours to make sure


What are you growing in?How are you testing your run off for ph? your looking for a ph of 6.3 to 6.8 in soil
I’m not sure on how long it will take, I’d watch the ph of the run off it will tell you if you need to add more or not.
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I would recommend getting a digita ph meter. Those probe style meters tend to be less accurate.
I test my runoff every time I water to Be sure I’m in the correct range.


It should affect the ph the first time you water it in
@Medicalgrower and should only be added as needed keeping a eye on ruff of levels will let you know when to add more but once adjusted proper ph of water and nutrients should keep values in range for a while you want run off in the 6.3-6.8 range :+1:


You should see it your first watering if it’s not lo enough add a little but more. 1 when you water to runoff you inadvertently flush some out.


I think the biggest difference will be whether you got the pellets or the powder? The pellets will take some time to start breaking down. The powder I would expect to see changes within your first couple of waterings.

What were you measuring at prior to adding the dolomite lime? And what is the ph of the water or nutrient solution you’re adding?


Thanks for that, I have a Ph spike also a digital Ph meter, readings are
different, I guess I might take a soil sample & mix it with water, dont
want to water again yet to get runoff

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Greg Hay


I used powder, before lime 6, now 6.3 varies between 9 pots. Ph 6.2 with
the seaweed based nute


Sorry for slow replies sometimes, on the move atm, I have been taking
samples of soil mixing with water then testing with dig Ph meter, getting
around 6.3 across 9 pots


Looks like it’s working to me, runoff looks to show ph in root zone trending up anyway right?

What ph are you hoping to see?


I just did a 70% soil/30% water mix waited 24 hrs still just reaches 6 with
digi meter
TDS 650

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Greg Hay


What kind of results are you hoping to see? A slurry test is showing .2 below what you’re watering with lol. Pretty darn good in my opinion, especially if you’re coming from an acidic situation. Testing runoff or a slurry test won’t tell you the exact ph in your root zone, it just gives you an idea of which way ph is trending. If you’re trying to get it up, bring your water and nutrient solution up a little and watch how it trends. You can add a little more dolomite lime if need be, but too much can be an issue as well. So make sure you see what’s going on before you just keep throwing the lime at it expecting unreasonable results.


Well said @dbrn32


Well it seems to be up to 6.7 now, so happy. Still some brown stains on the


Once you get leaf damage it rarely if ever goes back to normal. They will stay like that until they die completely or are removed. You want to monitor your new growth and see how that looks.


Again spot on advice from @dbrn32
Watch new growth and damaged leaves will most likely dry out and fall off but let them do so naturally
Monitor the ph levels
Honestly tho i dont check my run off unless i see issues in my garden
I always ph my water to the same range level as well 6.5-6.7 is my target range in soil


Thanks guys, although its not severe, the new foliage seems to have a light specular tinge.