Soil testing service?

Is there a North American company that does soil testing and provides advice on amendments specific to growing cannabis? I can find plenty of places to get in depth soil analysis but it sure would be nice to get advice on specific amendments to optimize that soil for growing cannabis.

Hehe… i have the person for u. But we startd a thread JUST for this. @garrigan62 is ur guy. Ill tag u in the thread. Also look up Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil. They sell a very well amended out of the bag soil for mj imho.

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I’ve talked with Garrigan and know about super soil but that’s not what I’m talking about. I need a lab test of my native soil. I’m not real happy with FF right now; especially with their OF. It’s testing VERY acidic. But that’s another topic. I’m looking for a soil lab. Plenty of them out there. Just not any I can find that are cannabis specific AND offer recommendations I stead of just test results.

Oooooo. I apologize. And good luck finding it.

Don`t know how in depth you want @DTOM420 but we have a county extension service in every county in this state and it seems to work for the farmers. Probably not as specific as far as micronutrients and other cannabis specific items but I know works well in most cases… Maybe better than you expect even?

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If you’re in a legal place, the county extension service might be able to help. In my state, they’ll discuss and advise. You just can’t bring plants into their office (federal funding).

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@Holmes @PhantomFarmer Thanks for the input. I guess that’s what I’ll use. I usually use the Ag extension for soil testing but figured there’d be a private testing service serving canna growers specifically. The extension gives some general advice on fertilizer but they aren’t organic oriented and don’t give crop specific advice for cannabis. Not here, anyway. Just figured someone would be doing this since there are plenty of labs doing the most minute and detailed testing of cannabis aspects. Ah well.

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You can buy the kit on Amazon that will do an analysis for you. They send you a box, and you add your soil and send it back (paid shipping included in the price). And after a bit they have a full analysis for you.

They will tell you target areas to be in.
It’s not for canabis, but it’s pretty easy to tailor a recipe for cannabis, as it is a c3 plant and you can treat it like other c3 plants (tomatoes ect)

Ok, thanks.