Soil temperature

What is the best soil temp for growing in 7 gal fabric pots?

I’ve never seen a grower monitor soil temp. Acceptable temps for growing are in the rage of high-60s to mid-80s.


I don’t monitor the soil temp, but my nute company emphasizes feeding at 68 to 70 degree water temp. My grow environment in in the low to mid-80s

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77.32466 :wink:


WTF does that mean!

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What they mean is is that your grow environment temperature will be your soil temperature and upper 60’s to low 80’s is suitable for cannabis.

Pretty funny @VirginiaGrowBoy

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Thats actually a great question. Soil temperature is a huge factor when it comes to nute uptake. Thats why when fall hits and the cooler weather comes, the colors really start popping with plants. The cooler temps drop the soil temp thus locking out or slowing down nutrient uptake.


I had 2 plants in a tent 2 winters ago progress VERY slowly when the soil temp was 50-62. The tent was in the basement with no heat other than 2 LED lights. Took 16 weeks for the 2 autos to ripen.

I tapped into an overhead heating duct going to the upstairs. It added 12 degrees which made the difference.


Thanks for the info.

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