Soil,soil,soil HELP!

Planning second grow in a month or so. First grow in 6th week of flower (looking good, I think)
But want some good soil to start. Would like a very good soil, NEED suggestions on brand and contents. Would like (I think) something with worn casings, coco cur, pelite, or what do you suggust. Getting confused with all the “brands”. Any help will be appreciated. Indoor grow 2x4x5’ tent, inadequate lighting but functional (10x cfl 100/23W bulbs 6500k veg, 2700k flower) will be upgraded in the future after this grow.this is what I’ve done 1st grow (don’t laugh please) 1st time growing anything! Oh ya 2/3 plants max.

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I don’t know what resources are available in your area but in general any good organic potting soil will grow good cannabis. Avoid any “added fertilizer” or “moisture control”. Worm castings can be bought and added in too.

Fox Farms Ocean Forest is very popular as is their Happy Frog. Both good choices but the OF can be a bit hot for some starts.

Hope that helps.

There in lies the rub,so many choices! As far as resources go, home Depot or Internet at this point.

It’s not the soil that you should be worried about… you need better lighting… the best soil in the world isn’t going to do nothing for you ,without having good light for good photosynthesis… :wink:


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I can do something about the soil now. I can’t do crap about the lights right now they will have to wait until I can save enough. It’s a matter of the old adage…don’t let what you can’t do fuck about, stop you from doing what you can do!!!


I hear you, there! Took me a year to get the $$$ together for better lights, but I still also had to come up with soil $ ($140 for 2 grows).

Sunshine Mix (one of them, there are several in the line), has everything you listed.

Sunshine mix, I’ll check them out. Thanks

Ended up with FFOF due to availability, free shipping thru amazon. Thanks for all the input.