Soil Reuse question

I started growing a plant in FFHF, the plant only made it about 2 weeks and got about an inch tall but didn’t live. Can I reuse the soil for my next grow?


You can, but if you didn’t ph your water, be extra diligent to do so. May also have to feed sooner.


Agree with @Covertgrower. It will take diligence and extra work. I would ensure it is mixed well and test both pH and PPM. Correct for pH (~6.3 - 6.6) and then correct for nutes (~900) and proceed from there.

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Thanks all, the plant that was in the soil barely grew, so I don’t think much of anything nutrient wise was used from the soil. It was basically a sprout and mainly was hydrated by the humidity dome on top using distilled water.

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I reuse the soil but not for cannabis.
I will use it to grow other garden veggies or herbs.
Mostly just as a starter mix for tomatoes and peppers.


I started growing with 6 cubic feet of FFOF from May 2018 to present. Many big grows. :+1:



Are you reusing the soil alone? Or amending it with anything?

@dmykins All I do is start to adding nutrients about 2 weeks in. I use only FF Trio liquid and powder. This grow I am trying the Dirty Dozen box set.

Since its depleted I do this. Soak seeds up to 24 hours. Transfer to damp toilet paper for 48 hours. Then transfer seeds with tap roots to their forever home. Place in tent. After 2 weeks I will start feeding accordingly. I am now do pH of my water so instead of 8.7 they get fed at 6.5 or close to it.

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Wanting to use last years Fox Farm soil in my 50gal smart pots,any suggestions ?

@2112 :point_up::point_up:
I reuse my soil for everything but cannabis.

I reuse mine. All you do is use nutrients faster than brand new soil. :+1:

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I’m running off well water with a ph 6.8 and only used Fox Farm nutrients last year,should I do anything to the soil?

You could add amendments like blood meal, or feather meal.

Thank you,should I also add cal mag to the soil or water it in with my other fertilizer?