Soil recommendation?

I bought Harvest Organics potting soil from Lowes and everybody keeps telling me I should be using something else. My seedling is in it’s second day of growth above the soil and this morning I found a fungus Gnat sitting on the side of my clay pot. UGH! I hate fungus gnats. My soil will not dry out. I haven’t watered it except before I planted the seed and an occasional misting with spray bottle.

I am going to purchase some Fox Farms and when it is time to transplant to the next size pot I will switch to the FF. Should I buy the Ocean Forest or the Happy Frog? Thanks.

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Ocean Forest would be my choice.


Did you buy the harvest Organics for soil, raised bed or potting mix?
If you watered the first time completely than it will take some time to dry out as the small plant/seedling doesn’t use much but will use more as she gets bigger. Clay pots will not dry out as fast as when using cloth pots.
Fungus gnats are a minor issue and can be kept in check with watering practices minimizing wet top soil.

Either ocean or happy will work…I use Ocean

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Before I fill out a support ticket I will see how it goes when I transplant into the Fox Farm soil. I know my current soil is too wet. As a matter of fact it was wet when I opened the bag. I am not watering or misting at all until it dries out a bit. I have a fan running to help speed up the drying process. Maybe this was the push I needed to buy the correct soil. Thanks.

I went with the Ocean Forest.


Bacillus thuringiensis should zap those fungus gnats if you need it. Ffof is not exactly immune to them either, but its probably a much better soil to grow in.


I am 99% sure the fungus gnats came from the soil I am using. I have ordered some sand to put on top of the soil. I have done this in the past with houseplants and it works. The gnats get shredded when they try to pass through the sand.

If I read correctly you are watering your seedlings? As seedlings they have little to no roots yet to take up the water. Misting a dome over the seedlings x2 per day should be sufficient. A few drops of water directly is usually fine and your soil won’t have issues.


I was actually just misting the top of the soil with my spray bottle, but then watered when I felt the pot was light and the soil felt dry. First grow, I’m a noob. Learning my lesson about too much water.

That’s how I learned as well. If you plucked the seedling out and looked at the roots you would see virtually no root system at this age to take water. Soil should not be wet. Cover with dome and mist top underside of dome 2x day.

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