Soil Recipe


Soil Recipe

Here is my soil recipe… What do you think?


Seed Starter Mix

30% Composted Cow Manure/compost
30% Black Peat Moss/coco coir
40% Perlite
2 cups of green sand
2 cups of blood meal
2 azomite/rock dust

Mix ingredients together.
Add treated water.
Let sit for 2 weeks and make sure its always somewhat moist.
If a fuzz or mold grows on top than that’s ok.

TGA SUPER SOIL for organic growing- put in smart pots!! - and
6 large bags of Roots Organic or Pro Organic Mix - $162.00
2 large bags of BIO Bizz Light Mix coco-mix OMRI rated $35.00
2 large bags of OMRI organic worm castings Wonder Worm works great (worm gold plus) $36.00
2 large bag of coco-mix OMIX good quality $29.90
2 cups fish bone mil - $8.25
2 cups 0-7-0 Bat Guano (Down to Earth) - $11.75
2 cups lbs. blood meal - $11.85
2 cups Alfalfa Meal (Down to Earth) - $6.75
2 cups Kelp Meal (Down to Earth) - $11.75
2 cups Bio Live (Down to Earth) - $11.25
2 cups Granular Azomite (Down to Earth) - $33.00
1 cup Langbeinite/Epsom salt - $47.85
2 cups of vermiculite - $8.50
3 cups sweet lime dolomite - $3.00
7 tbsp powdered humic acid T M-7 - $15.00
14 tbls. Great White mycorrihzae/Roots Organism/or other mycorrihzae - $29.70
1 cup Soil moist - $10.00
Insect frass - $23.70


Mr. B’s Green Trees Bloom and Grow 5 Gallon bucket


After mixing with RO water in kiddie pool, tarp, soil mixer or whatever and put in 45 gal trash can go back and check to see if it is getting too dry and add water as needed but with the top on it shouldn’t dry out

Wait about 6 months for the soil to coming alive keep on top

Mix all and add low enough from top of large pot and add regular ROOTS or other Organic Soul the rest of the way for seedling or small plant to grow through, that way by the time plants grow down to the SUPER SPOIL they will be large enough not to be burnt - YouTube -


Great recipe!


Thanks. Any feed back though?