Soil recipe mix

I have the following to pot :seedling::herb:
Vermiculite 5 dm
Perlite 5 dm
Dolomite lime 5kg
Potting soil with bone meal 35 dm bag
What else can I add? to make it a super soil,
And what will the correct measurements be for each above?

I would add some worm castings or bat guano


There are several different “super soil” formulas out there. Many call for ingredients that are difficult to obtain for many people. Do a YouTube search. Do a search here. There are tons of info in the forum in topics that have been thoroughly covered before. Give this stuff a look, and most of you questions will be covered In sure.

I got some Miracle Grow organic gardening soil and Miracle Grow organic flower box soil water conservation mix but I had a problem with mold inside because the evaporated cooling system in the house raised the humidity to high. I added about 25% play sand to help it drain better and now no more mold issues. I added one teaspoon garden lime, one teaspoon bone meal, one teaspoon epsom salt, one teaspoon Alaska Fish Fertilizer 5-1-1 to 1gal. water and poured it into 5gal bucket of soil and mixed it all up, filled two 1gal pots, added more soil to bucket, mixed it, filled a 3gal pot, added soil, mixed, filled another 3gal pot for later. I got one good seedling out of three seeds growing real good now and just planted one more today. I put in a 4" ventilation fan supplying cool, filtered air through 4" dryer hose. It’s on the timer with my lights, 16/8. I have 4 lights on the first one and two on the second one. Their 2’, 5-T and 8-T, 50/50. #1seedling seems to like it so far. I was only using one 5-T and one 8-T for the first…5 days. I just turned on the other 5-T and 8-T. The 8-T came in the fixures and I found the 5-T bulbs at Home Depot. My seeds are White Widow feminized. I’ll see if I have pictures. Oh I’ve been using the 1" finger poke into soil dampness check and it’s been 5 days since watering and still damp. I’m just not sure how close to keep the lights.

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The best out door grow I ever did was mixed by the garden landscaping store and it was impressive when it came to growth of anything place in it.

It included
2m mushroom mulch (lest overs after they clean up)
5m top soil
1m sand
40kg cow manure
20kg Goat manure
20kg chicken manure
They mixed it and dropped it off
They gave me a list of things to add to water I cant remember it all but things like lime epson salts, seaweed liquid, fish liquid called charlie carp and some pond enzyme were the main items.
Watered for 2-4 weeks before planting and that garden bed grew every thing for years.
When I moved the garden bed the grass was always twice as long in that spot.
You know you have it right when you need a ladder to pick tomatoes :slight_smile:
Some one stole all my canna plants two weeks before harvest so I cant give you any weights
When I do another outside grow I am going to use this again.

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OK checked out some websites, simple mix
Bag of potting soil already have the bone meal mix in with micro

Perlite 15%
Vermiculite 5%
Dolomite lime 3 TBS not sure if that’s enough

Epson salt 2 TBS is this really necessary?
Unfortunately many of the other ingredients are not available in my country
Hopefully I’m on the right path :bulb::herb: