Soil questions please help?

hi, id like to start using a different soil than what I’m already using, something thats got a bunch of good stuff like guano and castings yet isn’t gonna fuck me in the wallet. and do any of the techniques for making buds stickier actually work, ie sugar to soil or molasses?

bump. i wanna know too please

You want to talk to @raustin about that.

I’m using roots organic currently. And absolutely love it! Don’t even have to give nutes till the flowering stage! Mine have been vegging for a month now and haven’t given nutes yet.

I used to use Foxfarm Ocean Forest soil. It’s a great soil with everything in it you need for veg and then you start adding nutes when you go to flower. It can be a little pricey depending on where you buy it, try to find it locally.


A great help as always. Thanks for all the support you give growers! @raustin


@raustin beat me to it again. :grin:

I like ffof. It works for me now that I’ve dialed it in.

As for molasses I say yes it does help with the microbes, but that’s probably mostly with organic based nutes. If you’re using the ff trio I’m not sure if the molasses would feed the microbes before the chemical nutes killed them offf.

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