Soil problems and how to fix them

I planted 6 white widows and 1 AK47 in the growned but I dug out the dirt and filled in grow sites with soil I concocted no widows sprouted but my AK did but it’s like 2 weeks old and a inch tall not sure if it’s to hot or what and if so how do I fix it before I try to use the same dirt to plant more

I’m thinking you would have to shovel your soil into a fabric pot or one with holes. Test pH and ppm of water going in then again on the way out. Then you will know what is going on with it. What did you put in your “concoction?” I would forget about all that and go grab some 2 cubic foot packs of promix at Walmart for ten bucks each if you think the soil is your problem. I’m growing seven plants in the stuff and they look like this at three weeks.

Might not be your soil though. How far down did you put the seeds? Did you dig em up to see what happened?

The mix is back to premium potting soil peat moss mushroom compost top soil from the garden I planted them in and vermiculite and I put the seeds about half inch deep no amendments or fertilizer

I’m going to dig them up this morning I sprouted replacements and have to get them planted what’s crazy is I have long term white widows in the same soil planted in the garden and they are doing great I water early in the morning before the sun comes up and in the evening when it’s down enough that it is not directly on them 30 min in am 15 in the evening with the rest of my veggies

You could chalk the widows up to bad seeds if it wasn’t for the other plant struggling. Weird indeed. Maybe it’s suitable for the older widow but not for seedlings. Did you start the successful plant in the same soil you’re trying to start in now or transplant in when it was older?

Well for the most part yes I had chicken and rabbit crap in it used it I just recently added the bacto and all to that mix to make more try to keep my soil bin full and I put my 6 new sprouts I started in root riot plugs in I added fertilome which is a rooting hormone to each hole before I dropped them in I’m praying that that has a good result for them I’ve had the worse luck this year I bought 20 AK47 seeds this is my last one my step sons dogs dug them up and ate them but I made covers for these sites they can’t get to them it’s super sunny but way hot here in in the deep south east