Soil ppm runnoff whacky? Idk

So I began seedlings roughly a week or so ago. The medium is happy frog they’ve taken so far and it’s been an experience. So the point was to get a lil exp before I put up the tent, nothing super serious all the same I care.

Today I proceeded w a watering as the surface was dry it’s been no watering since our inas well. I used tap water the pH 7.7 ppm (500) 180 to begin, after adjusting the pH to 6.5 the ppm 190 if I remember correct, I proceeded to water seedlings careful not to much by my book but what do I know? Besides on of the plants leave hanging low all is fine.

Problem came when I just went ahead and decided that since I had seven seeds and six germinated, I had an extra tray and bored time so I watered the empty tray w the same :shower: to check runoff. The runoff was at 1180 ppm now I’m confused just a tad or maybe I’m not.

Doesn’t this mean the seedlings are taking all that up? I know seed require lots of energy and thus but this isn’t too much for them I’m truly looking for knowledge as I can fix the problem I’m sure if it is and I am a stickler for useful knowledge.

By the way some of the the seedlings at least on the cotyledons have burn bleach something of the nature I thought it was dirt but now seeing this on a meter I assume otherwise? HELP HELP PLEASE

Ppm (500) 180
pH 6.5
Soil happy frog
Is this ok standard normal

Happy Frog has nutrients in the soil. If I understand correctly, the empty tray had soil in it, when you watered this tray to runoff some of the nutrients flushed through. Those nutrients drove your runoff ppm to 1130.

Yes, your seedlings are using the nutrients in the Happy Frog. You are correct they do not need a lot. Some will say Happy Frog is too hot for seedlings most will say Happy Frog is okay for seedlings.

This is something I’m still working to figure out. Ocean Forest is the hotter version of happy frog and plain soil runoff is usually 2000-2300 ppm so around 1200 sounds about right for happy frog. I have switched to a soil called big rootz which is safe to grow from seed to harvest. The initial runoff in this soil was almost 4000 but did not burn my seedlings. Why ocean forest burns seedlings but this soil doesn’t, I haven’t figured out yet.

If your plants are fine, just give them ph’d water until they eat their way down to the ppm thy should be at at their stage of life. Then commence feeding regiment.

I have a plant in this big rootz soil where the first water to runoff (5/23) was 3724ppm. 5 days later (5/29) the runoff was 1914. This is a 6 day difference in the plant. ( the weird leaves are from the FIM performed on 5/19)

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Well here is a picture :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::shower: tell me what u think about the cotyledons I mean I thing the leaves are fine though?
Also I run my led 24 hours think I should turn off?@BobbyDigital

if my babies now I’m actually on day 7 now picked right back up guess I may not have overwatered? But honestly I think the mute may have been too much for some of the seeds as I lost one today and one looks stunted

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Soil does look really wet. I usually pre soak my soil in a solo cup and let sit for a day or two. Then I drop the germinated seed and I don’t water again until they’re ready to transplant to bigger pots. Did you say you’re adding nutes?


I think the plants look good but do agree with @BobbyDigital that the soil looks wet. If it were me I would back off on the watering and let the soil dry out a bit more. I would consider going to an 18/6 schedule on your lights. Let your babies sleep a little.

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Thank you I really want to 18/6 but didn’t go that route think I’ll go there see difference. Wow I don’t really water once yesterday didnt use much but will not water again until vegging completely. Glad to hear I’m doing something somewhat right lol⁉️ Possible it may appear wetter as pic was taken a watering sinhas dried ALOT. @Bubblehead

I wouldn’t go so far as to not water until vegging is complete. They will need some water through the veg cycle. One of the best ways I was taught to determine if they need water is to lift the pot. If the pot is light give them some water.

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Lol that’s what I do sir lift those pots let me clarify further I wasn’t saying feed after veg was saying they shouldn’t need a water until they’re in beginning veg stage. @Bubblehead

Personally I wouldn’t recommend lifting the pot except to those that are truly untwined w their babies as you know them what’s going on w them etc it’s not as simple as spoken at least for a newb

I haven’t watered the plants 7 days decided to give them water and I always take pics as I am doing it so it looks fresh and like a lot Idk time will tell, I didn let the light go out for a brief 6 hours anxious to see changes once they com on