Soil PH went up 7.0

as my plants are starting to dry the soil PH went from 6.1 to PH 7.0
to bring it back down I have to feed
is this ok and wait to feed or feed now

best to keep PH within range…6.2 to 6.5 works

This is actually not a terrible thing. It is drifting through the ranges making all nutrients available. My soil does the opposite. It drifts downwards from 6.9 to 6.1 as it dries.

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That pH range is rather low. For soil, it’s 6.2-6.8,with the sweet spot being 6.5.


PH will swing as the medium dries, elements get taken up by the plant, and elements cycle through the medium.

Was your run-off 6.1? How did you get the 7.0 number? How long did it take to swing?


it went up overmite
I use a 2 prong soil ph meter

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could someone recommend the best soil PH meter

Oh, those are not to be trusted. What do you use to test your water/nutes? Use that to conduct a run-off or slurry test.


to test water PH I use TDS PH Meter

found this is it a good one

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probes are worthless. sets of ph n ppm meters online for $20
cheap but work

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I use this it is very reliable had 1 issue and emailed the company and they sent me a whole new setup

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It’s a pain, but unless you’re using a $300+ soil probe, slurry/run-off tests are your best bet.

If you need info on how to do either, let us know.

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I just splurged for a Bluelab. Before that, I was using the Apera pH 3B or B3 (I get it mixed up, everytime) economy pen.

I recommend looking for one with ATC (automatic temperature compensation), one button calibration NOT screw adjustment, and one that’s accurate to .01. Waterproof is a must, because you will drop it into your mix at least once. One, two, or three point calibration is up to you, though more points equals more accuracy. Check out customer reviews, too.


Soil probes work great. I have the one he listed and it’s spot on.
If you don’t use it nor have experience with it (bought one and it didn’t work) why tell others they don’t work when many have used them and they work fine for testing soil Ph

I have the same looking meter as the picture you posted. Has a different name but looks exactly the same.
It works and is accurate but just remember there is a proper range for the soil moisture content for it to give you accurate readings. Not too wet not too dry. Don’t test right after watering (too wet) or right before needling to water (too dry)
I love mine. Works great and is accurate just takes a little time to stabilize reading and you have to clean it after use. Instructions are on package.

I dropped $10 just to see, thought it was pretty worthless too. By worthless I mean the light function I thought was completely useless, the ph read differently than the fancy one my buddy uses at greenhouse, and I don’t need it to determine moisture levels.

I’m all for someone having different experience with them, but I would never recommend anyone purchase it.


My opinions are based on personal experience. I offer advice freely and without hidden agendas with no expectation of reward. I offer advice sincerely to help others learning how to grow.
Not everyone will agree, but, it is my opinion. Someone wants to offer a different opinion, great that is what we do here offer advice.

However, it is not polite or acceptable to harass or belittle a different opinion…especially without any information or knowledge of the other person’s experience and sincerity.

Then it becomes a snippy trite attempt to dominate and rant on others.

Like this," If you don’t use it nor have experience with it (bought one and it didn’t work) why tell others they don’t work when many have used them and they work fine for testing soil Ph"

Sorry, I won’t play those silly games.

This is the one I have and use and it works great @Quamer
Looks the same as the one you posted