Soil PH vs nutrient PH

Hi guys
Im sorta new to this whole thing.
I have a question… so if my nutrient PH is lets say 6.3 but my soil PH is 5 what is going on?
Im using Pro-Mix.
Thank you in advance

I would recommend flushing the pro mix to bring the PH up a little higher. There could be a number of things happening, but we don’t know unless you provide pictures. Otherwise we are just giving blind suggestions. @Mercury50


Also, how are you checking your soil pH? Are you testing the soil itself or run off?

Cheap soil tester can give some false readings


i flushed the pots today with 1 tsp cal-mag and PH @ 6.3.

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Im checking it with one of the digital soil testers from Ebay.
I use a Vivosun for the solution. It read 6.3.
I should check the run-off with the solution meter i guess and check the PPM @run-off but i didnt check PPM before watering


From what I’ve read those soil tests can really give allot of bad readings.

If your run off reads the same then you’ll know for sure


Soil PH meters in my experience do work but you will get different readings based on how moist the soil is at a particular depth. Wetter will show lower PH and dryer higher PH. So when I do check my soil PH I will look for the moisture to be middle. Not soaking like right after watering nor real dry like right before watering.
I have posted several times discussing this topic if your interested.

TDubWilly exactly what i was thinking to do next.

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Skydiver that thought had crossed my mind but never thought it over really. And this was like 2 hours later of flushing them so they were very wet.
When you mention a particular depth what exactly do mean? I usually go half the depth of the soil and like half way between the stalk and the pot.
So i will check it tomorrow and see what i get.

My meter allows me to check down to about 12” deep.
A day or 2 after I water I will spot check several areas in several pots.
What I have found is that at 3” depth the soil is somewhat dryer and reads around 6.8 PH
6” deep will read around 6.5 PH and 9” down it will read around 6.2PH.
The deeper down the more moist the soil should be so my readings change (using the same hole…just stopping at the different depths) and I will also check another area of that same Pot the same way…3 depths…

This is the one I use

Hope this helps

Slurry test of soil from different depths would be more accurate with a digital meter.