Soil PH too high

Hi new grower here. My soil has a PH of 7.3 Is this too high? Soil is a 50/50 mix of a no nuts seed stater and coco air

What is the base of the seed starter? If peat you will want to target pH 5.8-6.0. Do you have a nutrient package you will be working with?

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By base do you mean the ph of the seed starter?
How would I get the ph down to that range? I am trying to grow white widow autoflower.

I run my ph at 5.7 to 6.1 in soil

PH your water to 6.0 for at least the next few waterings. Or, do a flush with phd water at 6.0 until your runoff get to where you want it. Anywhere between 5.8 and 6.5 is good. How old is the plant? How big are your pots? Do you have a ppm meter? if so what are the ppms.

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I use GH Flora 3 part as my base nutes. It is easy to hit the desired 5.8-6 ph by combining 1part micro and 2 parts Grow(or Bloom). Full strength is 8mL M/ 16mL B @pH5.8 and ~1100PPM. You would use this to bring your pH to your desired pH.

PH’d water is not very good to adjust the pH of your media since it does not have any buffering capacity (as your nutes would have. I would start of with 1/4 or 1/2 strength nutes initially.

That’s too low for soil. You should be 6.2 to 6.8

That’s going to be hard to bring the ph down with just dropping the ph of water/mutes.

Shouldn’t be too hard with a good flush.

I thank you as this is my first grow, but I am growing white widow autos and at day 60 they are 4 feet tall and have taken oven my grow tent

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It’s really important to understand what is the other 50% of your medium. Coco’s pH target(5.8) is very different from soil (6.5). If it is peat you would be targeting 5.8, but if it is soil @Sasquatch is right that a higher pH may be more appropriate.

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The plant is a week old. I just transplanted, it is kind of a miracle baby. I have been in the hospital, laid up for the past 6 weeks. She some how survived all the neglect and sprung to life last week!

Just checked the PH of the soil with a chemical test, the PH is 6.

I am going to add another soil question. I have a compost tumbler full of composted yard waste. Am I able to use the compost in my soil mix?

Try it out and see, but make sure to sift out any large chunks of wood and debris. Without knowing a myriad of other details about it, that’s probably the best advice. Be warned, the first use of the chemical nutes that you’re using and it will kill most of the beneficial stuff it added. Most people use compost as an ingredient when making a fungal tea. That road takes you into an organic growing style.

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Thank you these are my kids 3 white widow and 1 caramel kushIMG_20190515_042738

This statement in incorrect. Chemically defined and properly pH’d nutes WILL NOT kill your microbes. ALL commercially available microbes for cannabis growth are grown in large bioreactors in well defined media (“chemicals”).