Soil PH tested way too low

totally frustrated and dont understand whats wrong. i planted seed and it is beginning to break through ground.
prior to planting the seen i watered the soil tested the run off and PH was about 6.8
today i had to water the seed and tested the run off and it was so dark brown/red that it didnt even register on the chart
i used some of the same soil and put in a cup and watered it and tested the run off and it also shows PH about 6.8
so same soil , same water so why did the seed show up so off the chart?
what do i need to do, should i flush it?

Not unusual for first few waterings AFTER filling a new pot to carry off loose material.
Dun wurry bout it.

BTW…IF you are using ANYTHING except a PH meter…a digital PH meter…you will not get a reliable reading. PH n PPM meter sets online for $20. Critical to a grow.


phew had me freaked out - y i do have a PH meter but i just tested the run off with the PH test kit. so i went back out and used the meter as you suggested and it tests about 7 so i can bring that down a bit
thank you for your help:-)


@lynn4349…GET…a PH n PPM meter set. Can be bought separately. Around $10 each…OR…set for around $20 online–amazon. Good to have a spare around.
Once a meter gets wet past the probe area…it’s dead meat. Lost more than a few to dropping in DWC…one to a spoiled parrot running around loose on the floor. sigh.

Yes, I have a spare set always. Would you drive 60 mph at night in a heavy fog? Same thing.

btw…a one inch layer of rocks in the bottom will help drainage and avoid root rot.

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What soil did you plant into?

Did you calibrate your PH meter?

What is the source of your water?

When I start plants I use straight R/O or distilled and don’t bother with PH’ing it. I also slam my seedlings into coco or Promix as I like the medium and it’s nutrient free.