Soil pH ppm testing


Do I need a tester for each of these, or 1 for all which is the best soil pH ppm tester. I would like to get a 1 for all… Happy Growing, I’ve had a stroke can’t remember stuff like I used to,that might be my problem lol…:facepunch:


Welcome to ILGM.

You need a PH tester for mixing nutrients to the proper PH, and a TDS or EC tester for ppm. Buy the testers for Hydro or Water testing. Don’t worry about a soil tester.

There is no need to test the medium unless you develop an issue. If you do;’ You can use the same liquid testers suggested above to measure the PH, and ppm of the runoff.

I use Milwaukee Instruments testers. Hanna is a good brand, and Blue Truncheon Meter is excellent also. If you want to give me an idea of your budget; I will find you links to the better deals on Amazon.

Peace, lw


Cost is not an issue,thanks for the info… Happy Growing


Didn’t mean to sound rude but I’m buying everything, I want the best I can
get and the cheapest option but a good 1 thanks… Happy Growing


Will this work

if you know of a cheaper one let me know… Happy Growing


Yes will work great i use the same set maybe not exactly the same but all important features are there and thats what matter


And the ph meter is the same as i use never had any issues
Happy growing


Thanks a lot Brian,that’s what I will get than… Happy Growing


I use those off of amazon. Guess it works good lol


Yeah that’s where these are from lol