Soil ph in organic super soil

Hello. The ph in my soil is around 5.8- 5.9. I went to a grow store chain to look for a product to raise it. The guy said don’t worry about it. I ended up getting Rainbow mix pro grow for my brown spots, pale leaves. Are these people usually accurate? I have been PHing my water to 6.3-7. Should I stop all together?

I use super soil and ph about 7ish.

@oldmarine do you ph your water?

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Most good soils will buffer your runoff to the 5.8 range. As long as your input water ph is in range you’ll be good.


Yes, that’s what I meant.

I have been using ph down in my water. Should I stop?

@detroitpwp3 im in supersoil i have well water at ph-7.3 --… i ph down to 6.0 first 4 weeks then at 6.2 then did test with a little run off/—/by the way you don’t any run-off with supersoil–/; at ph-6.7 in and had 6.4 out so i now will keep it ph at 6.5 to 6.8 threw the flower stage i’ll tag you you can read mine. happy growing

@alienofasoul yeah I learned the hard way about halfway thru my first grow that I wasn’t supposed to be getting runoff with supersoil. My issues started with brown spots on my ladies. I also got bent tips, and light green leaves. So I thought the soil ph was causing deficiencies. Hopefully the pro grow hopes