Soil pH for flowering

Hello all. Newbie to the world of homegrown and have started off with a couple bag seeds and ILGM photo Jack Herer, White Widow and Power Plant. One bag seed is 2in tall and flowering Anyone else ever see this? Very first grow is super tiny but her sister Nadia is in her final pot and growing great. My ILGM girls are Jackie, Bianca, and Peggy, respectively.
About a month into the grow and am really happy with the plants! Growing in FoxFarm’s Happy Frog, have a 600w LED on the vegs and fluorescent on the seedlings. Switching over to Gorilla HPS 1000w for flower. When I check the soil pH it always comes out right at 7. I have put in pH low and some organic amendments (bone meal, fish…).I thought I was doing something wrong with the meter but it seems to work? The plants look great. Any reason to be worried going into flower? Thanks for all the help and guidance.

How are you checking soil PH?
If it’s not with distilled water and a PH pen doing a soil slurry then it is most likely reading wrong, like if it’s a little soil probe that cost 10$… Those things never work


Hi @Nicky thanks for the heads up. I used rain water for my girls and it is one of those cheaper digital probes. I’ll invest in a better one for the next grow. Plants look great right now, hopefully will carry on well into flowering.

Apera, Hanna, or blue labs for a PH pen as they are accurate.

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Thanks for the help. Need All I can get right now :slightly_smiling_face:

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