Soil or hydro for autos?

Hello all. Back for my second grow. I went with auto flowers this time and was looking at information and everything I am finding they are using soil for their autos. Is soil recommend for autos?

You can use any method or medium you’d like with autos. If you want to do hydro; go for it!

I grew in soil with my autos for the last couple of years.
I recently tried DWC and won’t look back.
I think I’ve tripled my yield, my plants are huge now compared to soil grows.
it took me a long time to switch because I thought it was a difficult process but it turns out it’s not.
I wish I was doing hydro years ago!
Good luck with your grows which ever you choose :love_you_gesture:

Dwc is wear it’s at

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@ob What differences in flavor, terps etc have you noticed in your bud comparing the soil grows to the hydro grows?

@Arborholic I haven’t noticed a whole lot of difference in flavor or the terps.
Where I have noticed a huge difference is how smooth it is when done.
removing the nutrients and switching to plain water for a couple of days really flushes the plants.
Much easier than flushing in soil.
Sorry for the late reply!

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No worries- I ended up finding a Gen Hydro 8 bucket Water Farm so I’m going hydro!

Smooth is where it’s at!

If you have a chance, will you look at the pics of my plants I posted? Not sure if they have a light, pH or nutrient issue. I’ll tag you on the grow log.